Chairman Sir

Mr. M. A. Mannan
Chairman & Managing Director,
Butterfly Marketing Limited


We express our sincere gratitude to the almighty Allah for his continues blessing which has made it possible for us what we are today. From a very humble beginning in 1987 as a trading sales & distribution company, today it expanded to 204+ branch networks all across Bangladesh and also has over 500+ dealer networks. It also has subsidiaries name Butterfly Manufacturing Co. Ltd which is into manufacturing of Aircon, refrigerator and Butterfly industries Ltd which is into manufacturing of LED TV. Company has strengthen Eco+ Product focus and line up in the recent past. This enables us to attract a significant portfolio of potential clientele based to address their growing demand.

It has been grate honor and privilege to express our gratitude to our patrons whose support has been made this company to be a leading name in the consumer electronics & home appliance business segment in Bangladesh.

Butterfly is been used as a synonym across the country and through its 30 years of successful business operations it has been earned an acceptability in the consumers of Bangladesh. LG is world renowned Korean brand name in Consumer electronics and home appliances segment and considered to be our mutual growth partner.

There are many more miles to go, we are open to explore new possibilities, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging new challenges, thus new opportunities and identified and hence can renew and reinforce our commitment to grow for the years ahead. We shall keep trying to open up avenues for the people of the country of new job opportunities. As we believe a new job in a new industry, business not only helps the socio-economic development of the country but also helps to cater the need of a family and hence we can create a potential customer.

There will be always new challenges but we will continue to focus to overcome all the odd unitedly and shall march towards to the glory of success.

Let us work for glorious 2019 setting new standards, establishing bonding with customers and hence to achieve better sales result, service excellence to aim to achieve the ultimate customer satisfaction and march towards to meet our broader corporate goals with utmost hard work, sincerity and dedication.

We on behalf of Butterfly Marketing Ltd. We wish and pray New Year to bring peace and prosperity for the country and its people and bring out the very best for you and your dear ones. Wishing you all very happy New Year 2019

Butterfly at a Glance

‘Butterfly’ is the most prominent name in the country’s electronics scene. Since inception in 1987, the Group has been playing a pivotal role in shaping up the industry with a portfolio of trusted brands and an ever-growing distribution network. This combination enables Butterfly to reach out for customers from all walks to meet their needs of electronic goods. Butterfly owns the exclusive distribution rights to market LG products in Bangladesh since 1995. With the long-standing partnership, Butterfly has become synonymous to LG in Bangladesh. Other world-class brands like Hisense and Eco+ were added in its portfolio much later.

The successful business formula that the group follows is no secret to the customers today. A long-lasting partnership with selective world-class brands, a robust line of skilled staff, convenient retail locations around the country and predominantly, a vision to grow is what Butterfly operates around, with the motto – ‘Committed to Care’.

Today, Butterfly offers industry’s largest number of multi-product consumer durables through its retails, in 18 categories. This includes TVs, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Microwave ovens and many more.


Butterfly Group’s first venture Butterfly Marketing Limited was founded in 1987. Having started with only 3 retail outlets, Butterfly was quick to create a strong place in the customers’ minds through its first successful product Butterfly sewing machine – a symbol of the ‘emerging middle class’ in the late 80s. In 1995, Butterfly went through a major rebranding initiative when LG came into the picture as an affiliate after awarding the company with its distribution rights. In the same year, the company was made into a public company with other major expansion taking place. Additionally, the company studied the purchase decision making process and payment behavior of various customer groups and found that a significant portion of the market aspires technological advancement in their daily life, yet unable to pay for it upfront. The hire-purchase scheme was well received with multiplying the customer base within a very short time. Since 2001 Butterfly has been maintaining the top position in consumer electronics in Bangladesh.

Having operated in the consumer electronics retailing for 25 years as Butterfly Marketing Ltd, the Group has opted for backward integration in 2012, through the inception of Butterfly Limited, Butterfly Manufacturing Ltd and Butterfly Industries Ltd. These state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are established with the strategic alliance with LG and Hisense – two top performing global brands. A number of models for LED TVs, Refrigerators and Air Conditioners for these brands are produced at these facilities today.

Company Mission

Butterfly Committed to provide latest state-of-art consumer electronics, home appliances and energy products to all consumers, their families, businesses and institutions at an affordable pricing through nationwide distribution network effectively coupled with faster and efficient service network.

Company Vision

Butterfly is building a national manufacturing & distribution company, known broadly as the preferred choice among discriminating individuals, institutions, and key intermediaries, by creating an environment that attracts the mass consumers in our industry.