Experience The Best Air Conditioner in Bangladesh

Experience the soothing cold air that brings a sense of freshness to the room. Whether it is Summer or winter, an Air conditioner makes it easy to enjoy a temperature that makes us feel good. Buy the best Air Conditioner with advanced technology at the best price deal in Bangladesh.

As the world becomes more technologically evolved, Butterfly Group is expanding its portfolio to include well-known technologically advanced brands such as LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Haier, and Hisense. To suit the needs of the local people, the group has developed/manufactured its brand, Eco+, which has already created a name for itself in the industry. The main two categories, Inverter AC, Non- Inverter AC, provide a ground of interest to choose from.

Butterfly Group has products for every price group of people. The AC Price ranges cover 43,300 – 118,500 BDT, so you can find the product that fits your budget and fulfill your needs.

Technologies and features are becoming more advanced in today's world. Digital Inverter Boost Technology, Anti-Corrosion Durafin Condenser, Easy Filter Plus, Active Energy Control, LED Display, Wi-Fi, and Twin Tube Muffler all work together to raise the Air Conditioner to new heights.

Life is becoming smarter, while home appliances add a new dimension to the Quality Lifestyle. Choose your desired product precisely from a variety of price ranges, models, sizes, brands, and features from the most reliable source- the Butterfly group.

Butterfly Group strives to meet market demand and customer preferences at the same time so that the balance brings out its beauty.




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