LG InstaView is a machine that stands out from the rest of the crowd by the merit of its sleek elegance and futuristic design.

If you think fridges are boring, you should really look at this one. Reach out and tap twice on the right panel of the fridge and prepare to be awed by the black glass panel, slowly turning transparent to reveal the contents of the fridge inside.

This door-in-door technology is new in refrigerators, but it has rapidly grown popular due to its unique design. If you don’t want to miss out on this amazing LG refrigerator, keep reading — there’s much more to it than just looks.


The most prominent feature of this fridge is definitely its glass door with the see-through technology incorporated into it. However, that is not the only reason why you should get this fridge.

Fortunately, there are more features that make this fridge a highly popular one among consumers. First of all, it has a huge capacity — it has a net storage capacity of about 668 liters with the freezer holding 246 liters and the refrigerator holding 422 liters. This will allow you to stock up for days.

We completely understand if you’re feeling apprehensive about storing food for so long in the fridge — food kept for too long in regular fridges doesn’t stay fresh for long and starts to get a weird odor to it. However, this is where this LG refrigerator is, again, an exception.

It has been incorporated with the special Hygiene Fresh air filter that’s known worldwide for its amazing ability to remove 99.999% of the bacteria and germ build-up from the fridge.

Then there is the Digital Inverter Compressor, which has a multi-flow technology that efficiently draws cool air into the fridge and distributes it evenly through all levels of storage so that the food has a good supply of air no matter where it’s kept. This helps to ensure that no food goes bad in the fridge.

WiFi connections can also be enabled on this no-frost refrigerator so that you can check the freshness of the space inside with your smartphone at any moment.

There are several compartments in the fridge — one for the water dispenser, and another for the LED. Then you have your egg box, a vegetable box made with tempered glass, a moist-balance crisper that will maintain regular moisture levels throughout, and a compartment for snacks and dairy items. 

In the freezer, you will find three different compartments — one for the Spaceplus ice system, one for the express freeze, and the last one for a twist ice maker.

And thus, with its meticulously advanced technology, sophisticated design, and long-term durability, there really is no doubt that this is the Best refrigerator in Bangladesh.

Key Features

This is definitely not a regular fridge by any standard. But let’s go more in-depth here and see what makes it such a unique machine.

# Secure Door-in-Door Technology 

The best thing about this fridge is that the design is not only for the sake of good appearance but for a functional purpose as well. Opening the fridge door too frequently hampers the operation of the unit’s compressor and messes up its ability to cool down properly.

With this fridge, you can just tap twice on the panel and check what’s inside — there won’t be a reason to open the door unnecessarily, and thus your fridge will have a longer overall lifetime.

# Powerful Inverter Linear Compressor

But the main core of the fridge is the special Inverter Linear Compressor that uses the power of an electromagnet to draw coolness into the fridge rather than forcing hot air out of it. Its linear system is set up to reduce the levels of friction produced in the circulation of air so that it works more efficiently over a long time period.

Overall, due to this digital compressor, the fridge will be able to operate fully by using 32% less energy than regular fridges with regular single-speed compressors.

Temperature will be more constant throughout the fridge, and that will keep your food fresher inside.

# Hygiene Fresh Air Filter

Refrigerator hygiene is another matter that makes this fridge one of the best in the market. You know the weird smell that food gets when it's been kept in the fridge for too long?

That happens because of an inefficient air filter. And this is why this refrigerator comes with an advanced and intelligent Hygiene Fresh filter that will remove 99.999% bacteria from the fridge and successfully combat the “fridge-food-smell”.

# Clean Internal Organization

There are several compartments in the refrigerator and the freezer for you to neatly organize all the different food items in their very own boxes. This reduces the chances of germs spreading and helps to maintain the balance in the freshness of all the raw items and the cooked dishes.

This also makes it easy for you to find what you need very quickly without rummaging through the entire fridge while holding the door open for long periods at a stretch.


  • Has a large capacity for storage,
  • Contains a digital compressor that saves energy by 32%,
  • Advanced air filtering system keeps the air inside super fresh,
  • Multiple compartments to keep different types of food items separate,
  • Door-in-door technology gives you an instant view of the fridge space inside,
  • Comes with a freshness balancer switch that lets you control the humidity levels.


  • Requires a big kitchen space,
  • Temperature on the door doesn’t stay as balanced as the other compartments.

Final Words

If you want a fridge that won’t take up too much energy to operate, and will also be able to consistently keep your food fresh for long periods, then the LG InstaView Refrigerator is the best match for you.

This LG refrigerator has everything you need and more. So, don’t miss out on this!

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