How to Bake Easily in Microwave Oven

The oven was previously used to reheat the food that was previously cooked. But at the present time technology has changed the perspective of the use of the oven. Now people can use the oven to cook, to bake and the grill also. The evolution now there are different kinds of ovens available. Such as solo, convection, grill, electric, etc. Thanks to House of Butterfly, the people of Bangladesh are getting all kinds of ovens at their fingertips very easily for them.

What is Baking?

Preparing food with dry heat is regarded as baking. In previous time hot ashes or hot stone was used for baking. Now oven has changed the procedure of baking. Bread, cake, cookies, pastry, pie, etc. food are prepared with the help of cooking. The baking procedure in all types of ovens is pretty much the same. Baking is possible in all types of ovens.

Baking Process

The baking process for bread, cake, cookies, pastry, pie, etc. is almost the same. There are three major processes of baking in general. The first expansion of the dough, then drying of the surface, and last crust browning. Preheating the oven is the initial stage of baking anything. Sticking raw batter or dough in an oven that has not been preheated is prohibited.  Preheating helps the oven to reach the optimal temperature for baked treats. If the preheating isn’t properly done then baking may end up undercooked or unevenly cooked. When the preheating procedure is properly done then place the items inside and set the timer. When the oven beeps, it is time to check the baked goods. Most of the time appearance and aroma will confirm the baking stage of the baked goods.

Tips for Baking

Let your dishes and pans have enough space for proper ventilation. Ventilation is the key to evenly baked goods.

Convection oven temperature is usually 25F others are as the recipe mentioned. The baking time for a convection oven is also 20% less than for other ovens.

Avoid opening the oven door while baking. It causes the heat to escape, which can lead to uneven baking or an increase in baking time.

What is Microwave?

A microwave oven is a kind of oven that produces microwave radiation to cook or heat food. Microwaves are produced from the magnetron. This nature helps to distribute the heat properly in the whole chamber. This uniform distribution helps the food to cook or heat food everywhere all at once.

Types of Ovens

There are four types of ovens that are widely available on market. Solo, Grill, Convection, and Electric. So, there is a wide range of choices to pick from. With the approach of Butterfly Group, all these types of ovens are at our fingertips.

Solo Microwave Oven

Solo Microwave Ovens are entry-level ovens in the microwave category. It has limited functionality with less pricing. It has a single magnetron to produce microwaves. It is widely used to reheat or defrost food. Solo microwave ovens are way cheaper than other conventional microwave ovens. These are simple to operate. Easily fits anywhere in the kitchen of its convenient size. Can perform all basic cooking functions.

Grill Microwave Oven

This kind of oven is widely used for grilling chicken or beef besides its natural feature of reheating. Microwave and grill functions can run parallel and make delicious grills. Grill microwave has a heating coil that helps in grilling, toasting, and roasting. Tenderly cooked tandoori or grilled chicken is the output of the grill microwave. The cleaning process and cooking process are easier and faster in this kind of oven.

Convection Microwave Oven

The convection Microwave Oven is consisting of a Solo, Grill, and Convection oven. All kinds of cooking can be done in this kind of oven. A convection oven is so versatile that it can help you with different kinds of cooking and save time. House of Butterfly is working restlessly to avail a huge variety of ovens for its customers from different brands, such as LG, Samsung, and Eco+. Circulating air helps foods cook evenly on multiple racks. This kind of oven also accelerates the preheating process.

Electric Microwave Oven

Electric ovens are usually assembled of metal coils to start the healing process. These heating components glow red-hot while the oven operates and are usually placed on the floor of the oven. There may also be another broiling element found at the top of the appliance. Electric ovens help to cook more quickly.

There are some basic things to consider before buying an oven as a buying guideline for an Oven. It is thought to say which oven is better because every type of oven has its own ground of features and usability.

Brands to Choose From

LG Ovens

A new range of light-wave Convection Microwave ovens with Char Coal Lighting Heater technology helps you to try out your favorite fried item without any guilt at 88% less oil absorption.

The LG Neo Chef Grill Microwave Oven has been fitted with Smart Inverter technology. Smart Inverter technology allows precise cooking power to reheat and defrost a wide range of foods at the same time as normal, thanks to temperature control.

Samsung Ovens

Samsung ovens are a complete package with ceramic enamel cavity, various cooking modes, sensor cook, child safety lock, LED display, heat wave grill, browning plus, triple distribution system, eco mode, I-wave, even reheat & defrost, multi-stage cooking, hot air circulation, and crispy grill all work together to elevate the oven to new heights.

eco+ Ovens

Eco+ Convection Microwave Oven makes cooking and baking easy with its stainless interior cavity. This budget-friendly oven has an LED display to help you get the most out of it. eco+ ovens are a complete package consisting of a stainless steel interior cavity, kitchen timer, multi-stage cooking, hot air circulation, crispy grill, easy-clean, pizza plate, and LED display.


The baking procedure of all ovens is pretty much the same. A slight difference between conventional and conventional ovens. You can bake with each kind of oven. All brands offered by Butterfly Group are also comparatively very good and quality full.

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