LG-Butterfly & Eco Plus Facebook Page Re-branding

Dear customers we have a great news for you. You all know that we have two different page over Facebook which is named as “LG-Butterfly” and “Eco Plus”. To follow us easily, soon we are going to merge these two pages into one page. The new page name will be “Butterfly Group”. When it’s done, you can easily follow both LG and Eco Products from this page.

Butterfly Group is a well-known trusted electronics company in Bangladesh. This company established in 1987. Today, it expanded more than 204 branches all across Bangladesh and also has around 500 dealers. It also has subsidiaries name Butterfly Manufacturing Co. Ltd which is manufacturing Air conditioner, refrigerator and Butterfly Industries Ltd which is manufacturing of LED TV.

Butterfly is been used as LG-Butterfly which is a synonym across the country and through it’s 30 years of successful business operation it has been earned an acceptability of Bangladeshi’s consumers. LG is world renowned Korean brand in consumer’s mind which has the supreme electronics and home appliances. It considered to be our mutual business partner.

We have a strong media profile over Facebook and other social networking sites. As people of Bangladesh treating butterfly group as LG-Butterfly that’s why our Facebook page named as “LG-Butterfly”. The current Facebook page address is: https://www.facebook.com/butterflygroupbd/

We started manufacturing Eco Plus product in 2003. Company has strengthen Eco plus Product focus and line up in the recent past. This enables us to attract a significant portfolio of potential clientele based to address their growing demand. For the branding of Eco Plus products, we created social media profile in different social media platforms. Our Facebook page Eco plus products named as “Eco Plus” which was created in 2009. The current Facebook page for Eco Plus is:  https://www.facebook.com/butterflygroupbds/

We are the company which is operating both “LG-Butterfly” and “Eco Plus” page. We are experiencing that our customers are having problem to follow us in two different pages. To make it easier for everyone to follow both LG and Eco Plus products we’ve decided to continue only one page over Facebook as “Butterfly Group” name.

We already changed our YouTube channel to “Butterfly Group”. Here is the link to our YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/c/ButterflyGroupbd

We’ve also changed our Instagram account to “Butterfly Group”.  Here is the link to our Instagram account:  https://www.instagram.com/butterflygroupbd/

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