Easy Guidelines to Organize Your Chest Freezer

The Chest Freezer is for freezing food items longer than a refrigerator. We usually use it beside the refrigerator to balance the food load. A Chest Freezer is more like a big deep box with lots of space. Chest Freezers are typically offered in four sizes. Small units are 5 to 9 cubic feet, medium units are 12 to 18 cubic feet, and big units are over 18 cubic feet.

Importance of Organizing a Chest Freezer

The most important and valuable part of an organized Chest Freezer is that all food will be easily accessible. It will save time and mess in removing and using the necessary food products. You can simply take foods from below without having to bend over the freezer to perform inventory if you have a well-organized Chest Freezer. You can use boxes and labels to make your life easier with a Chest Freezer. Before choosing your storage box, make careful measures of your freezer because not all boxes will fit in all freezers.

How to Organize a Chest Freezer

First of all, try to buy the perfect size Chest Freezer for your family. I suggest you not buy the unnecessary extra size of Chest Freezer rather than buy the perfect size and use it best. If you buy an unnecessary extra size of Chest Freezer then you have to bend to the bottom part every time and half of the storage will not come to any use. A full Chest Freezer is more user-friendly in comparison to a half-full Chest Freezer.  To know the perfect size multiply the number of persons in your family by 2.5 cubic feet to figure out the size you'll need. House of Butterfly offers several brands and models of freezers to choose from. Several brands like eco+, LG, Haier Chest Freezer are there to choose from. If you prefer high-end products from high-end brands, go for LG Chest Freezer.

When you get your perfect size Chest Freezer, you will find it easier to organize the freezer.  There is no particular rule for organizing a Chest Freezer. You trust your preference and organize it with the categories. 

Create Categories as per Your Sense

You can group the meats like mutton, beef, chicken. Also, separate the steaks and grounded meats. and all, Sort the fish into groups based on their size, then separate the steak and ground meats as needed.

Sort the Items into Storage Boxes that will Fit in Your Freezer

Storage Boxes that fits into Freezer

You may have one basket or box in your freezer, but you will need more. It doesn't have to match or appear as it came straight from the pages of the Container Store catalog for your storage system to work for you. But if you want you can buy some boxes to use in the Chest Freezer.

Stack your Containers One on Top of the Other to Create Layers

Create Layers with Containers in Freezer

If you have a Chest Freezer, the layer method is a game-changer. Set one or two boxes on the bottom of the freezer, then add another layer of 1-2 bins on top of that and repeat with another layer if necessary. Instead of crawling through a cold, dirty pile when you need something, you may simply remove containers neatly and conveniently.

Use Some Useful Products or Tools to Organize the Chest Freezer Easily

  • Wrap:  Wraps can be used for solids such as large cuts of meat or fish, meatloaves, and bread. There are a variety of wraps available to help you insulate food from the colder air (and frost) of the freezer. You can even use foil to wrap any things as per your choice instead of a dish.

Wrap to organize Food in Freezer

  • Freezer Bags: My favorite item is zip-top freezer bags. These bags are ideal for storing items for a short period and saving space. It comes in a variety of sizes ranging from one pint to two gallons and is suitable for a wide range of applications. You can use it for everything. Even liquids, such as soup or marinated chicken, can be frozen in freezer bags. Fill the bags and place them on a tray in the freezer to ensure that they freeze flat and do not wrap around wire shelving. Once frozen, stack them like books on a shelf to save freezer space and make it easier to find what you're looking for. Make sure to thaw the food in a bowl to catch any leaks that may occur.
  • Plastic Boxes: You can plastic boxes for a short period. As those boxes are cheap, portable, and easily available you can use them for a shorter time. But pick those plastic boxes which have lids. Also, you can find those boxes handy while packing a meal for friends or outsiders.
  • Aluminum Boxes: Aluminum boxes can be your best friend if you hate to wash dishes because you just have to toss the pan. It's best for quick assemblies. It disposes easily and is handy to use. The aluminum lids are really handy, making it simple to swiftly assemble and wrap a dish. They're also perfect for presenting freezer meal gifts to friends because they don't have to return a dish.
  • Glass Jars or Bowls: For storing food in the freezer, I prefer glass jars and dishes. They don't stain or pit, and they keep their appearance for a long period. They can go from freezer to fridge to oven without having to dry another dish, making reheating a breeze. To avoid the Breakage of mason jars leave enough headspace, freeze overnight, leave the lids off to freeze, and then carefully secure the lids.
  • Label the Foods: Labeling and dating foods ensure that you will never have to guess what's inside. It's difficult to tell the difference between stew and soup, and even opening the container for a sniff test is difficult because there won't be much of an aroma. You can weigh or measure the contents of the freezer and put the quantity on the label. It will assist you in determining whether or not you have enough of something for a dish.

Label the Foods to store in Freezer

Last but not the list, Know which food to freeze, or else you may face a problem. You don't want to thaw the wrong stuff, so label everything for your own sanity's sake.

An organized Chest Freezer makes life easy as it serves a lot of space to store food. If maintaining the steps and procedure to organize Chest Freezer sounds like a bit of hassle, then you can go for an upright freezer


An organized Chest Freezer makes life easier because it eliminates a lot of hassles and mess. It's not a pleasant feeling to be lost in the depths of your Chest Freezer. As a result, you can take some to organize your Chest Freezer and enjoy it at its best. Because Chest Freezers are rarely used in comparison to refrigerators, if you organize one, it will last for several days. When you need something from the Chest freezer, it will be simple to locate. So, don't put it off any longer and begin organizing your Chest Freezer.

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