Refrigerator and Food hygiene: Basic Guidelines

Our main purpose in using a refrigerator is to keep food fresh as we store food in it for having it later. A refrigerator reduces the activity of bacteria in food, allowing it to stay fresh for longer. To get fresh and hygienic food, we need to keep our refrigerator clean as well. Normally we buy a refrigerator and use it for a long time without thinking of cleaning it. Sometimes we clean it occasionally which impacts the results of its application. This is where the question of cleanliness comes about in the refrigerator.

We the users are wise to choose a smart refrigerator according to the budget but fail to maintain refrigerator cleanliness. Some of us are unaware of the necessary standards for refrigerator cleanliness, while others are unaware of the importance of doing so. Ultimately the performance of the refrigerator decreases, or some functions get damaged as well. This is why it is important to deliver proper information to refrigerator users to encourage them to keep their refrigerators clean.

What is a Refrigerator and how it works?

A refrigerator is a device or compartment that artificially keeps food and drinks cool for a longer period.

It has 3 basic functions to work, these are-

1. Compressor,

2. Condenser,

3. Evaporator.

Refrigerators function by converting the liquid refrigerant circulating inside them to gas. This process, known as evaporation, cools the space around it and creates the desired effect. The pressure on the refrigerant must be decreased through an exit called the capillary tube.

To keep a refrigerator running, you need to get the gaseous refrigerant back to its liquid state. This is where the compressor comes in; it's similar to that of a bike pump for cycling. The compressor provides the same effect as that of an electric bicycle pump.

After the compressor has done its work, the gas should be under high pressure and hot. When the gas cools off inside the condenser, it changes back into a liquid in the refrigerator. The process is then cooled by the ambient air around the fridge.

Then, the liquid refrigerant circulates back to the evaporator where the process starts all over again.

Importance of Maintaining the Cleanliness of a Refrigerator

1. Prevent Food-Borne Bacteria

If the multi-air system is affected by any chance, the cooling compartment does not get the same temperature. By which the food stored in the corner may grow food bacteria. Also, food odor may spread unpleasantly. However, there are some refrigerators that have advanced features to keep foods hygienic and odor-free. For example, the LG No Frost Refrigerators have Hygiene Fresh Plus which is powerful enough to reduce odors and germs inside the fridge and maintain food sanity. 

The very first reason to maintain the cleanliness of a refrigerator is to prevent food-borne illness, because of low maintenance the cooler system of a refrigerator gets damaged which fails to maintain the required temperature to keep food fresh. If the multi-air system is affected by any chance, the cooling compartment does not get the same temperature. 

2. Lack of Cleanliness Decreases Performance

Rough use of any device impacts negatively and it goes for the refrigerator as well. If a refrigerator is left without cleaning it for a long period, it starts to show common problems like smell problems, cooling problems, water leaking problems, door lock problems, etc. This is why maintaining cleanliness in a refrigerator is necessary.

3. Cleanliness Increases Sustainability

Cleanliness is a major part of the maintenance of any device especially for refrigerators. And good Maintenance of any product increases its Sustainability. If we buy a refrigerator and leave it without taking care of it, the product will lose its sustainability in a faster way. If we regularly overload the refrigerator, do not clean it, and store rotten food with an unpleasant smell, it will not last long. It is important to enjoy fresh and healthy food.

4. Clean Refrigerator Ensures Proper Sanitation

We use a refrigerator to keep food fresh. A clean refrigerator easily ensures that in comparison to an unclean refrigerator. An unclean refrigerator makes the food unsafe to eat rather than keeping it fresh. The sanitation provided by a clean refrigerator is a no match with the sanitation of an unclean refrigerator.

Basic Rules and Steps for Maintaining the Cleanliness of a Refrigerator

No matter which brand or model we use there are basic 2 rules to maintain a clean refrigerator

1. Avoiding the tendency of overloading the refrigerator and storing recalled foods.

2. Cleaning the refrigerator a minimum of once a month.

Also, there are some easy steps that are beneficial to follow while cleaning a refrigerator. The steps and simple guidelines will help users to proceed with the process.

The Steps of Cleaning a Refrigerator are Pretty Easy to Follow

# First of all, we need to make a plan and fix a date pattern for cleaning our refrigerator according to our schedule. It can be once or twice a month. But cleaning our refrigerator at least once a month is necessary

# Then we need to unplug the refrigerator to start cleaning.

# After that, we need to unload the refrigerator. It is important to throw out the recall foods or else the whole process will be in vain.

# In the next step, we need to remove the removable items available in our refrigerator like racks, drawers, shelves, and rackets according to the refrigerator model.

# If the fridge can be moved we need to move it aside and clean the floor and wall first. After that, we need to clean the exterior parts like a fridge door, fridge top, etc.

# After the exterior part, we need to clean the interior part of the refrigerator like inside walls, drawers, ceilings, shelves, etc. Depending on the dirt we need to scrub to clean it properly.

# Then comes about the removable parts that we removed earlier, we need to clean those and fix them in their places. 

# In this step the work is pretty done, we need to confirm the refrigerator is perfectly clean, no water or soap is left, and plug the fridge on.

# If needed, a little more wiping on the edges of the refrigerator will do great.

Some Easy Tips for Cleaning a Refrigerator

# The combination of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water creates a wonderful remedy. This solution can easily be placed in the refrigerator and kept for 5-10 minutes. Then all we have to do is rub it with a damp towel to get an excellent outcome.

# When it comes to cleaning the removable parts of a refrigerator, a mix of bleach and hot water works wonders. Bacteria and dirt thrive in certain areas, especially on the edges, therefore they need to be cleaned more frequently. Grease grimes are easily removed with this solution.

# To clean the racks, shelves, and small areas of any refrigerator, all we need is a toothbrush. Lemon juice, baking soda, and hot water are all effective. Spray the solution into the shelves, racks, egg trays, and other surfaces with a glass spray bottle.

# Sponges and soapy water are the ideal combinations for wiping or rubbing a refrigerator's surface. We need to choose the right sponge that will clean well without leaving a scratch mark. The sponges must be smooth enough to be rubbed or scrubbed with.

What We Should Avoid While Cleaning a Refrigerator?

# We should avoid harsh cleaners. It's important to choose cleaning solutions that are gentle enough to avoid scratching the surface. The same may be said for cleaning tools such as sponges and wipes.

# We must unplug the refrigerator before cleaning it. This is a very basic step that must be followed. When cleaning the coils of a refrigerator, this is an absolute essential.

# We need to double-check the hot shelves; they must cool to room temperature after being cleaned with a hot water-based solution. The shelves may crack if they are placed in the refrigerator.

# We should not rub the stainless steel; rather, we should spray the solution on a soft cloth and gently wipe it.

# We should avoid using hot water on the cold glass shelves.


Proper cleanliness of a refrigerator impacts its performance. It is important to know the basic guidelines about maintaining cleanliness in a refrigerator that ensures food quality. We, the users, will be more motivated to maintain a hygiene refrigerator if we know the reasons, methods, and benefits of doing so and this article aims to provide that information. It is essential since we, the users, are the primary beneficiaries of keeping a clean refrigerator. Lastly, Maintaining a hygiene refrigerator requires less effort in comparison to its benefits.

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