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Bulk shopping and cooking are no longer a chore with a well-maintained Freezer. Use several layers of plastic boxes to organize the freezer and find the items you need quickly. Get the best freezer at the best price in Bangladesh.

The Butterfly Group is always ready to meet your requirements. The Freezer is available between 24,900 BDT and 50,500 BDT price range. Several brands like LG, Haier, and Eco+, provide a wide range of interests to choose from. It's time to enjoy various types of food for your meal.

Mechanical temperature control, Water disposal device, Water Disposal Device, Power Indicator function, Cut off power function, Unique External Handle, Super Fast Cooling (Up To -30° degrees), Ultra Microcellular High-Density Foaming, High-Efficiency Compressor, Counter Balanced Hinge, and Fast Freeze Function all work together to raise the Freezer to new standards.

Life is becoming smarter, while home appliances add a new dimension to the Quality Lifestyle. Choose your desired product precisely from a variety of price ranges, brands, models, sizes, and features from the most reliable source- the Butterfly group.

Butterfly Group strives to meet market demand and customer preferences at the same time so that the balance brings out its beauty.




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  1. HAIER
    Haier HCF-175 White
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