Get the Best Top Mount Refrigerator

Dairy products or Meat, Vegetables or leftover, Keep everything in the quality Top Mount Refrigerator. The fridge will fit into your place as well as your budget. Get the Quality top mount refrigerator at the best price deal in Bangladesh.

The Butterfly Group is always ready to meet your requirements. The Top Mount refrigerator is available between 27,200 BDT to 130,900 BDT price range. Several brands like LG, Samsung, Eco+, and Haier provide a wide range of interests to choose from. It's time to enjoy your fresh food. 

In today's world, technologies and features are becoming more advanced. Inverter Technology. 360° Airflow System, Magic Cooling, Balanced Space, Inverter Linear Compressor, Door Cooling+, Hygiene Fresh+®, Multi Air Flow, Multi Storage box, and Humidity control all work together to raise the Top Mountain refrigerator to new standards.

Life is becoming smarter, while home appliances add a new dimension to the Quality Lifestyle. Choose your desired product precisely from various price ranges, brands, models, sizes, and features from the most reliable source- the Butterfly group.

Butterfly Group strives to meet market demand and customer preferences at the same time so that the balance brings out its beauty.




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