Service Repair Terms and Conditions

1. During the warranty period, the free-of-charge repair service for official products of Butterfly Marketing Limited, being sold in Bangladesh market shall be offered subject to these Repair Service Terms and Conditions and any other relevant warranty terms and conditions.

2. In addition to the necessary spare parts charges, a non-refundable service fee will be imposed in advance to all non-official products (i.e. parallel imports), out-of-warranty products, products with broken or missing warranty label or where any violation of Service Terms and Conditions being occurred. Service Centre will inform the customer of an official quotation by phone or email in due course. All costs, fees and/or charges must be paid in full by cash or credit card.

3. Customer can enjoy warranty service, provided that the products are purchased from authorized dealers and customers are required to present the original sales invoice, which shall contain the full name of the dealer, date of purchase, invoice number, product model number, serial number, and product price. For handwritten invoices, serial number tag attached to the product package shall be provided.

5. If the customer fails to present the original sales invoice, the products will be treated as non-warranty products.

6. All changed parts during repairing shall not cover with any warranty.

7. All changed parts are non-returnable.

8. An inventory checklist is completed while receiving product with proper authentication, Service Centre is not responsible for the custody of any product accessories.

9. Service Centre shall not be responsible for any delay caused by the failure of communication with the customers. Customers are advised to provide Service Centre with valid contact number(s) or email address. If customers do not receive any pick up notification one (1) week after the drop off date, please contact Service Centre by phone.

10. Customers shall collect their product(s) within three (3) months after receipt of pick up notification from Service Centre. Service Centre shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to such products that left unclaimed after three (3) months. If the products are not collected within three (3) months, Service Centre shall have the right to dispose of the products at its own discretion without any prior notice and compensation.

11. The service order receipt should be kept as proof for collection of products. In the case of loss of receipt and products being taken by others, Service Centre shall not be held responsible. If no original receipt is provided, Service Centre shall have the right to refuse to return the products.

12. For products with invisible/visible defects, if customers request for return of their products after inspection and a repair quotation is delivered, Service Centre may not be able to restore the products back to the original defective status (including but not limited to product frame, function and original defects).

13. For products not covered by warranty, if customers are found to have violated any Service Terms and Conditions ( including but not limited to self-repairs, exposure to water, damage caused by misuse), Service Centre shall have the right to cancel any fixed repair service charge quotation and separate quotation based on actual defects shall be applied.

14. Service Centre shall have the right to reject any request for written or verbal report in relation to the repair services or the defects of the products.

15. Butterfly reserves the right to interpret any terms and conditions set forth above in its sole and absolute discretion.

16. Service Repair time may vary based on availability of spare, proper skilled manpower required for the product service, any other resources applicable for the product delivery.

17. Service Center shall not be liable for any product received for service and damaged occurred due to any natural disasters.

18. Due to nature of industry, product model changes frequently. Thus it may occur that for some of the old models spares may be unavailable. For those cases, service may not be provided.

19. The Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time. Please refer to Butterfly official website for the updated warranty policy and other applicable terms.