The Dangers of Washing Machines and Child Lock Feature

If you have children in your home, you must reconsider everything to ensure their safety. It is not possible to take things for granted as you once did. Any family with children prioritizes safety. We are becoming more modern by the day, and we are enjoying a variety of technologies that make our lives easier and allow us to fit more into our busy schedules.

Washing Machine and its Danger

When your child sees you loading the washing machine, they tend to become curious and follow to do the same, as we all know that children learn by example. Unfortunately, what appears to be a simple task can surprisingly turn into a hazardous hazard. A washing machine is an appliance that may make your life easy but it can be accused as a dangerous tool for a matter of glance. If you have a toddler or kids it is better to be careful about some staff. 

Since 2014, at least three washing machine-related deaths of children aged five and under have been reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Even more striking is the fact that roughly 3,000 emergency room visits have been attributed to washing machines.

Prevention is better than cure, it is preferable to have a washing machine with a safety lock feature. When small children are present, a washing machine can be deceptively dangerous.

Washing Machine Injuries

There are a lot of ways for kids to get wounded, thus there isn't just one way for them to get hurt. When it comes to washing machines, there are several repeated methods for children to get themselves into trouble. Two of them are frequent-

Falling: The majority of the 3,000 or so washing machine-related emergency room visits noted above were due to falls. Take care of the items that surround your machine and avoid placing anything near it that could assist a child in climbing to the top.

Getting Stuck: Children can easily make their way inside the washer and get stuck. It can happen simply when they are playing with it from curiosity.  It's simple enough to occur when they are playing with it out of interest. Ultimately such a situation leads to suffocation from a lack of oxygen or drowning if the machine is turned on. To make matters worse, the door is frequently thick enough that cries for aid are muffled. 

What is Child Lock Technology and How it Works

The child lock feature is a safeguard that prevents accidents and injuries; when the feature is turned on only the power button works.

The child lock feature is a safeguard that prevents accidents and injuries. When the feature is turned on only the power button works. It remains active even when the power is turned on and off, or when the power cord is disconnected and reconnected. This mechanism safe children from accidentally falling or getting trapped inside the washing machine. It also safeguards the aged and feeble person.

The child Lock system varies by manufacturer and model. Make sure you understand how your machine's child-lock feature works. Some lock-outs prohibit the door from opening at all, while others keep the machine from turning on while the door is open.

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How to Operate Child Lock Feature

First of all, look at the manual you get after purchasing the washing machine. But normally it is kind of similar to activate or deactivate the feature. Look for the padlock-like child lock symbol. Depending on your model, this will be connected to one or two buttons on your machine.

To activate the child-lock function, press and hold the necessary child lock buttons for three seconds. All buttons will be disabled while the child lock feature is turned on. Press and hold the same buttons again for three seconds to switch off the child lock feature.

Extra Precautions to Prevent Danger 

If your washing machine does not have the child lock feature you can follow some tips to prevent injuries. Even if you have a child lock to your refrigerator try to follow those tips. 

  • Give awareness to your children about the washing machine danger. Try to make them fully understand that washing machines are nothing like playing with, it can be dangerous. It is okay if they do not listen immediately, you can do other work to manage this problem. 
  • Make it hard to access the laundry room for the children. This will make it tough for your toddler to reach the washing machine. Ensure that the washer and dryer are always in a separate laundry room area, which is then locked.


It is better to prevent a bad thing from happening in the first place than to deal with severe problems or damages later. You can take a proactive approach to avoid injury by installing your child-proofing lock on your washing machine, regardless of the machine's safety features.

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