Top Load Washing Machine

In our life, we have to decide almost every stage of our life and life becomes easier with the right decision. Moving towards the busy era we are adopting appliances more than we did before. A washing Machine is an appliance that is becoming famous, especially in the busy family. We can not ignore dirty clothes and it is difficult to manage every household chore manually as well. This is why many of us tend to find alternatives to some chores by adopting appliances. Investing in home appliances is a huge thing to consider. But follow the Basic guidelines of washing machine before purchasing. It will keep the investment safe. Washing machines are one of them. Again, we face a stage of deciding between the models, sizes, and features. Here come the common flummoxing choices between the Top Loader washing machine and the front loader washing machine. No matter what type of Home Appliance you are purchasing, following some guidelines keeps the investment safe. 

Top Loader Washing Machine

Top loader washers are washers with an openable door on the top of the machine. This is where you load the clothes. Some of them have glass panels, while the majority have other covers. The latter suggests that you can't see what's going on within the machine while it's doing its job. The washers are also constructed so that you may pour the detergent right into the machine with your laundry. Again,  Top Load washers offer a smoother, sleeker appearance than front-load washers because they do not have a huge front door. House of Butterfly is the best place to choose from a variety of options.

Types of Top Loader Washing Machine

In top loaders, there are two options to pick. Center Agitator and Impeller Action standard top-load washing machines are the two types of Top-Loading washers. A center agitator uses propeller-like paddles to move clothes from the top to the bottom of the washer tub. The top-to-bottom agitation continues throughout the wash cycle, pushing water and detergent through the fabrics and loosening any soil.

High-efficiency (HE) Top Load Washers have an impeller on the floor of the drum, making them more like their front-loading cousins. They have a drum that rotates around a horizontal axis, similar to a front loader, but no front door. Like a standard washer, they have a liftable top load lid. These machines work and spin just like a front-loader, but they use half the amount of water that a standard washer does. It does not need the folding rubber bellows seal that a front-load model does, which can trap moisture and soil and cause odors. The top load design uses a pair of symmetrical bearings rather than a single bearing on one side, which reduces mechanical wear and tear.

How Top Loader Washer Works

In the case of a regular Center Agitator Top Loader Washing Machine, there is a central agitator that moves your clothes about during the entire cycle of the wash forcing water and detergent through your clothes.

The agitator or the central spindle has fins or vanes to ensure that your clothes move adequately within the drum to force the grime/dirt out. But the agitator, despite being more effective in removing soil, can be harsh on your clothes, and delicate fabrics may have a fair bit of wear and tear over time.

HE Top Loader Washing Machines conserve water by using a rotating drum. To wash your clothing properly, you'll need to use a washing machine with a two-drum system: a rotating inner drum with paddles and an outside drum with a water reservoir during the wash cycle. To clean your garments, the inner drum rotates and regularly changes direction. There's less water used with HE washing machines since garments don't have to be stirred in water. Because of this, washing takes less time overall because the spin cycle is speedier.

Pros of Top Loader Washing Machine

  • Range: Top Loaders are famous and commonly recognized in the market by the people. It has several sizes and ranges you could have asked for, unlike the front loader washing machine. 
  • Capacity: Top Loading washers often have a bigger capacity than front-loading washers of the same size. The largest commercial Top Loaders can lift to 10kg, and even household machines can lift more than their front loader equivalents.

  • Convenient: Top Loaders are more convenient than front loaders because you don't have to bend over to load or unload your wash cycle. This can be quite beneficial to the elderly or individuals who have back difficulties.

  • Add Clothes: You can add clothing throughout the wash cycle, which isn't possible with most front-loading washers. In addition, Top Loading washers respond better to fabric softeners than front-loading washers do.
  • No Water Leakage Hassle:  Water leakage is normally a huge annoyance, but this is not the case with a Top Loader. You can stop the cycle whenever you want and never have to worry about leaks.
  • No Specialization: Unlike Front-Loaders, Top Loaders do not require the use of different detergents. As a result, Top Loading washing machines do not require any specialization. The usual detergent that you or your mother have been using all this time is the top load detergent. Cleaning can be simplified by using Top Loaders.

Easy Fix: Top Loaders are not complicated and very easy to fix. It rarely requires professionals to fix issues like front loaders.

Cons of Top Loader Washing Machine

  • Use More Energy: Top Loaders use more energy and water for running it. You may have to pay more electricity bills and use more water for running a Top Loader instead of a Front Loader.
  • Noisy: During a wash cycle, many top Loading machines are noisier than front-loading machines. This is because Top Loaders create a lot of friction between the garments as they twist and turn during the washing process.
  • Less Efficient: Top Loader washers can not clean like front loaders. Again, Top Loader Washing Machines' price range is not that low in comparison to the front loader and average Front Loader washing machines are more efficient.


The layout of your home and your laundry habits will determine whether a Top Loader Washing machine is right for you. There is no definitive answer as to which one will be more effective for you. You must conduct your research while keeping your priorities in mind. If you only wash small loads and have a small household, a Top Loader will suffice. Also, if you have back problems, a Top Loader is the way to go.

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