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Are you frustrated because of poor-quality sound from your TV? It’s very common among recent televisions.  Because most TVs are equipped with low-grade audio systems. So, in addition, it’s required to set the soundbar for the televisions. 

So, are you looking for a TV that sounds so good that you won’t need a soundbar?

Happy to know that if you are using Hisense TV then it’s not always necessary for you to set up sound bars. Because Hisense TVs are equipped with a digital Dolby sound system, high-quality audio output, optical sound sync, and some other additional features. Such features ensure high-quality sound without any sound bar.

In this article, I’ve explained everything in proper detail on this topic. So, keep reading the article.

Sound Effect of a Television

We all believe sound is an essential component of the television viewing experience. And the quality of the sound effects can greatly affect the overall enjoyment of a program. The importance of quality sound effects in television production cannot be overstated. However, below I’ve added the importance and effect of quality sound effects of television.

Importance of Sound Effects in Television

First, I’m going to discuss the importance of sound effects in television.

  • -First, sound effects play a crucial role in video production that helps to set the tone and atmosphere of a scene.
  • -They can be used to create tension, suspense, and drama, or to convey a sense of humor or lightheartedness.
  • -Again, sound effects can enhance the realism of a scene and make it feel more lifelike and believable.
  • -Finally, consistent use of sound effects can create a sense of familiarity for the viewer, making it easier for them to follow the story. And eventually, it becomes more invested in the characters and plot.

Effect of Sound Effects on Viewer Engagement

Now, let’s talk about the sound effect on viewer engagement.

The quality of sound effects can greatly affect the viewer's engagement with a program. Poor-quality sound effects can detract from the viewing experience, and make it difficult to fully immerse oneself in the story. On the other hand, high-quality sound effects can greatly enhance the viewing experience, which makes the program more engaging and enjoyable.

The use of sound effects can also play a role in the emotional impact of a scene. For example, a suspenseful soundtrack can heighten the tension of a scene which makes it more suspenseful and thrilling for the viewers. Similarly, the use of comedic sound effects can add humor to a scene and make it more enjoyable and lighthearted.

Audio System of Hisense TV

Now let’s get into our main topic. If you’re a Hisense TV user then I’ve some good news for you. The audio system of Hisense TV is great and it’s not necessary to have a soundbar with this TV. Below, I’ve explained the audio system of Hisense TV.

Hisense TV Dolby Atmos Focused

The most important thing about Hisense is that most of the Hisense televisions are equipped with Dolby Atmos. So you may be thinking, what is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology developed by Dolby Laboratories. The technology allows for the creation of a more immersive audio experience by adding height channels to traditional surround sound setups. This allows for sounds to be placed and moved more precisely in a three-dimensional space as well as creates a more realistic and enveloping soundstage. 

Some Hisense TVs are equipped with Dolby Atmos technology. And gladly inform you that the system allows them to deliver more dynamic and realistic sound from the built-in speakers. 

To clarify the claim for Dolby Atmos certification check this video.

Excellent Audio Output

Now come to the audio output. Most Hisense televisions come with excellent audio output. For example - HISENSE 32 INCH HD SMART TV SERIES A4G comes with a 16W audio output (RMS). And, Hisense TV's 32-inch price in Bangladesh is also comparatively lower.

16W audio output on a TV refers to the power the TV's speakers can produce. It is the maximum volume that the speakers can produce. A higher number, such as 16W, generally means that the speakers can produce louder and clearer sounds. 

So, it is clear the speaker of Hisense TV can produce a louder sound. 

However, clarifying one thing, just because the TV has a good audio output doesn't mean Hisense smart TV price in Bangladesh is extremely high.

Surround Sound System

Another remarkable feature is that most of the Hisense TVs are equipped with a surround sound system. It creates a more immersive audio experience by using multiple speakers positioned around the room to create a surround sound effect.

The speakers are placed in front of the viewer, behind the viewer, and to the left and right of the viewer. The system uses a surround sound processor or audio/video receiver to decode and distribute the audio signals to the speakers.

This allows for a more realistic and dynamic audio experience, with sounds appearing to come from specific locations in the room.

Optical Sound Sync

Did you know about this feature? - Well, optical sound sync, also known as "optical audio synchronization" or "optical sound recording," is a method of synchronizing the sound recording on a film with the image on the film. 

This is done by recording the sound on a separate strip of film that runs alongside the image strip. Besides, using a beam of light to read the sound from the strip and synchronize it with the image. The technology was developed in the 1920s and was widely used in the film industry until the advent of digital sound recording. So, now the good news is some of the Hisense TVs come with this outstanding feature, such as - HISENSE 43 INCH FHD SMART TV SERIES A4G

Do You Need a Soundbar for the HISENSE TV?

I think the above segment has already answered this question. Once again, the usual answer to this question is No. Your Hisense TV will sound so good that you won't need a soundbar. Most of the Hisense TVs are compatible with a great audio output (Generally, 10W x 2/16W), and surround sound system. 

Besides, the speaker type, Dolby Atmos-enabled sound, and optical sound sync feature make the Hisense TV more qualified for the audio system. 

However, in some instances, if you add a soundbar, you must get a better audio output. Below, I’ve added a segment on this topic. 

What If You Add a Soundbar to HISENSE TV

The straightforward answer is the sound quality will improve. Besides, you’ll also get some other advantages. Below, I’m adding some of the consequences of adding soundbars to Hisense TV.

  • -It’ll improve the overall sound quality compared to the built-in TV speakers of Hisense.
  • -They are often more affordable than a full surround sound system.
  • -Some soundbar models include additional features such as virtual surround sound, voice control, and built-in intelligent assistants. 
  • -Soundbars are more flexible in terms of placement compared to a traditional home theater system

Some Other Brands with Advanced Sound Systems

Now, if you’re not personally a Hisense fan, you might be looking for an alternative with similar features. No worries, I got you back, because, in this section, I’m going to mention some of the related brands which are offering overall audio and TV sound system.

1. LG

You must be familiar with LG. LG TVs are also great for producing high-class audio. Compared to the Hisense they come with an even better surround system (OLED surround system). Plus they are also equipped with a Dolby Atmos system. So you can easily go with  LG TVs.

2. ECO+

If you are looking for Televisions at an affordable price then you can also check the  ECO+ TVs. Like LG and Hisense Dolby Digital TV, they are equipped with the Dolby Digital audio system. Besides, the overall sound quality is also appreciable. However, just one lacking here is the audio output. So, you might get less loud sound with ECO+ TVs. 

3. Samsung

Another option for you is Samsung. Undoubtedly, Samsung is a renowned brand and their TVs are also highly popular as they are equipped with the Dolby Digital Plus audio system. The audio output of Samsung is also higher than known brands, so you’ll get a louder and clear sound. While purchasing one if you want to get the best price in Bangladesh you can check this Samsung Televisions.


So, now you know when TV sounds so good that you won't need a soundbar. I’ve clarified that Hisense users generally won’t have to purchase a soundbar. I’ve added reasons for that as well as suggested some other brands which are also improving and already improved. 

So, if you want to get rid of soundbars then you have some clear options. Just Reach the house of butterfly, purchase your favorite Hisense TV, and get all the problems solved.

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