AC Cooling Issues can be Solved Easily!

Out of all the electrical appliances, An Air conditioner has become a basic necessity for everyone. Especially for us Bangladeshis where the humidity usually stays at its peak. In the past decade, we have seen some drastic changes in the weather of the world. Where the weather was supposed to be tropical it is turning hot and dry. An air conditioner works by sucking up the warm air from inside your home and pumping it outside while releasing the cool air back into the room, which in return reduces the temperature of the home, room.

Air conditioner makes our environment comfortable because it removes unfiltered air from closed space. It also removes humidity from the air. (According to the daily star article, the demand for air conditioners rose 20 % on average in the last six years). House of Butterfly has a variety of Inverter AC and non-inverter AC from eco+, Haier, LG, and Samsung in various capacities too only one with the best price all over Bangladesh.

Common Malfunction of AC

Because it is an electronic product it gets broken and needs regular servicing. An air conditioner can easily be broken because of its extensive use every day. There is some common air problem like Not turning on, leaky units, excessive noise emission, gas leak, dirty filter, faulty installation, and motor damage but one of the most common problems is emitting hot air as not cooling properly or at all. But investing in a good-conditioned quality Air Conditioner is worth every penny. 

What Happens because of a Cooling Problem

Cooling problems can occur because of clogged air filters or because of dirty coils. When the motor sucks up warm air, dirt, and humidity from the air and releases cold filtered air a lot of time this sheer net filter under the top flap can catch the dirt and become clogged up. Which can be the cause of cooling problems. But a lot of time the problem runs deeper than just the typical and normal clogged-up air filter. Sometimes the cause can be a compressor or outer unit damage or gas leak etc. which can cause a bunch of troubles for the people.

First and foremost Air would be dirty in the room or place. This can alone create a lot of issues for those who have trouble breathing, those people who have dust allergy for infants who have weak immunity. Long-term inhaling of this dust can cause lung diseases. Other than that people can feel claustrophobic in a poorly ventilated room. This can cause some financial problems because when we will feel that AC is not blowing cool air we will try to drop the temperature of the AC. Which will stain the meter and cause a huge bill it also increases the risk of an accident caused by the blasting of electronic appliances trying to understand the issue people can get electrocuted.

Why Cooling Problem Occurs

Nowadays, Air Conditioner has become a necessity. It is not considered as a luxury product like before. People want to have a refrigerator and an AC in their house. Every Appliances need maintenance and it can show some issues. The cooling problem in AC is the most common. Besides clogged air filters or dirty filters, there are plenty more reasons which can be reasons for AC not cooling properly. Faulty or damaged compressor, undersized AC, Surrounding temperature, irregular maintenance, outer unit damage, extra ventilated room, extra heat insulation, etc.

Faulty or damaged compressor: the compressor will move the outside air into the refrigerant which is man-made ga.. The gas will suck in that heat and change it into colder air. When the air cools down, the liquid refrigerant turns into vapor. And it pulls the heat out of your home. If the compressor gets damaged the air can get cold. So it can be the reason for AC not cooling properly.

Undersized AC: another reason for AC not cooling the air can be that the AC is not suitable for your room size. Your AC can be smaller than the size of the room. In that case, ACe Ac has low Airflow. Which takes a long time to cool the room and will use more power supply. It can strain the outer unit and the compressor, for any accident can happen at any time.

Surrounding temperature: Sometimes the reason can be trivial for AC not cooling soon or constantly. If the outer or surrounding temperature is high it takes a lot of time for ACe Ac to cool the room. When summer temperatures become air conditioning systems might begin to experience problems. Most air conditioning systems are designed to function with outside temperatures of 37-38 degrees or less. When temperatures outside become higher than that the air conditioning system can consume more energy and begin to malfunction or fail.

When outside temperatures become closer to 35 degrees, the air conditioning system will run at its maximum capacity. When this happens, temperatures inside your home will remain about 25-26 degrees. Lowering the temperature will not improve the effectiveness of your air conditioner. It will cause the air conditioning system to work even harder without actually being able to change the temperature inside your home.

Extra ventilated room & improper heat insulation: For an AC to work a room needs to be closed because if the room doors and window stays open the room will not become cool at all. Or if there is heat insulation in the room like an active fireplace or heater it will not make the temperature go down.

Irregular maintenance & servicing: AC is an electronic appliance. It needs regular servicing and maintenance.  If it is left unmaintained for too long the copper wire can lead and the refrigerant gas can leak out. Which will damage the motor of the AC and its outer.

How to solve the Cooling Problem

To solve the problem of AC not cooling or blowing warm air we can follow some steps:

  • -Check the temperature and reset the temperature.
  • -Turning on and off the AC.
  • -Cleaning the Filters of the AC every month, we can clean the AC filter with a cleaning brush or rags.
  • -Cleaning the coils every two months.
  • -Sometimes if the outer unit of the AC is kept on the terrace/roof or in a dirty place, dirt and debris can get stuck in the fan inside of the outer unit, cleaning the outer unit regularly or changing the outer unit place to more clean and kept place will help the situation.
  • -If the motor of the fan is either broken or faulty, the outdoor unit will be unable to create the cooling ability for an air conditioning unit. This problem can be best handled by a professional.
  • -As we said, AC has man-made refrigerant gas inside the compressor which sucks up the warm air and blows the cool air in the room. If the line which connects the compressor gets leaked it will be the cause of the AC not cooling.
    If we are able to recognize the issue, like through hissing or bubbling sounds, or if we find build-up ICE in the outer unit. As soon as the issue is known, professionals can solve this issue.
  • -Replacing damaged compressor or any part of the AC.
  • -Buying AC according to the size which is suitable for the room.
  • -Turn off Any heat insulator that would be present in the room.
  • -Closing windows, and doors, and also drawing the curtains to bring down the temperature of the room.
  • -Maintain the AC clean it regularly, and call for service after not Turing on the AC for a long time.
  • -Call for servicing at least twice a year.
  • -Avoiding negligence regarding the matter of fixing any issue with the AC.


An electronic appliance is a manmade tool created to make human life easy. But very manmade stuff needs regular maintenance. So does an AC. If an AC would be maintained properly it will run smoothly for a long time. We should always check out the instructional manual and the website of the product to be aware of how to call for servicing and maintenance. If the matter would be as simple as turning the AC off and on we can solve the problem easily.

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