Buy the Best Semi-Auto Washing Machine in Bangladesh

Do not worry about the power cut as Semi Auto Washing Machine can be stopped and started at any point. Get the best Semi Auto Washing Machine at the best price deal in Bangladesh. 

The Butterfly Group is always ready to meet your requirements. The Semi-Auto Washing Machine is available between  8,245 BDT to 19,900 BDT price range. ECO+, provide a wide range of interests to choose from. It's time to relax and enjoy hassle-free laundry.

In today's world, technologies and features are becoming more advanced. Dual Directional, Water Flow, Spin Air Dry, Magic Cleaning Filter, and 5 Year Motor Warranty all work together to elevate the Washing Machine to new heights.

Life is becoming smarter, while home appliances add a new dimension to the Quality Lifestyle. Choose your desired product precisely from various price ranges, models, sizes, brands, and features from the most reliable source- the Butterfly group.

Butterfly Group strives to meet market demand and customer preferences at the same time so that the balance brings out its beauty.




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