Air Conditioners Do More than Providing Cool Air

Air Conditioners Do More than Providing Cool Air    Air Conditioners Do More than Providing Cool Air

Most people think that the air-conditioner is a luxury product. Some others guess air conditioners only provide cool summer air. Yes, maintaining comfortable living weather is the main advantage of air conditioners. But it is sometimes a lifesaver to prevent heat-related illness and deaths. 

Air conditioning has a series of benefits you may not figure out other than temperature control. It improves air quality, controls humidity, boosts productivity, ensures quality sleep, and increases home security.

However,  the article is for those who are hesitant about whether they need to install AC in their home or not. Go through the article and make a decision today.

Air Conditioner is a Necessity

To understand the need for an air conditioner, we need to know its functions. Usually, it should have the following operation:

  • 1. Managing comfortable humidity in the building.
  • 2. Reducing the excessive humidity from the air in any specific season.
  • 3. Maintaining a fixed and enough supply of ventilation.
  • 4. Removing dust, soot, and other microorganisms.
  • 5. Keeping the indoor air cool enough in the warm season.
  • 6. Have the ability to warm rooms at least a minimum in the cold winter season.
  • 7. Air conditioning systems should be cost-effective and easy to maintain.

So we found that air conditioning means not only cooling the air. It has a vast function in human life based on the geographical area, climate, health considerations, and personal preferences. 

It maintains comfortable living and working conditions, prevents heat-related illnesses, and preserves air quality.

Moreover, air conditioning is essential in some industrial and professional environments for the proper operation of different equipment and machinery.

Air Conditioners are More than What We Think

Air conditioning means more than only cooling the room. In this part of the article, let’s explain why air conditioning is more than what we think. The benefits and advantages of air conditioning units are:

  • 1. Improvement of the air quality 
  • 2. Humidity control
  • 3. Less noise
  • 4. Fewer parasites and insects
  • 5. Better sleep
  • 6. Cool Tempers
  • 7. Better work efficiency
  • 8. Protects Furniture
  • 9. Ensure proper functioning of electronic devices and heat prevention
  • 10. Improves security
  • 11. Less sweating dyes
  • 12. A source of heat in winter
  • 13. Smart and Connected system

Air Conditioner Makes Our Life Better

Air conditioners make our lives better by keeping us cool when it's hot outside. They make our homes and workplaces comfortable, so we can relax and focus better. Without them, summers would be much more difficult to endure!

Here are the details about how air conditioning makes our lives better. 

Improvement of the Air Quality: 

Air quality is important for our health….. Air conditioners have a filtration system to purify air by removing pollutants. In this way, it improves the air quality and limits the harmful effects of dust.

Additionally, you need not open the windows in the summer to relieve the heat.

Humidity Control: 

High humidity can create problems for your health and property. When the humidity of the air exceeds a definite threshold limit, it enhances the chance of growing molds on your property. 

Sometimes, it can cause damage to the fabric of the building and the belongings of your house.

Damp surroundings and mold due to the high humidity level can intensify asthma, and allergies, and create bacteria in the home. On the other hand, low humidity levels can intensify skin irritation.

An air conditioning system controls the humidity to prevent bad scenarios.

Better Sleep: 

Changes in weather and temperature rise can increase the heart rate and the BP(blood pressure) which results in anger and not having good sleep at night. Air conditioners regulate the temperature and ensure better sleep as well.

Better work efficiency: 

Hot weather diminishes the efficiency of humans and machines. In the air-conditioned offices, employees work better and make good decisions. 

Protects Furniture: 

Excessive heat and humidity can create havoc on furniture. All wood takes and releases moisture from the air. If moisture and humidity exceed a threshold, they generate molds and rot the furniture. 

Leather also soaks moisture causing the couch to damage made with leather covering. Air conditioning saves all furniture from the bad effects of moisture and humidity.

Ensure Proper Functioning of Electronic Devices and Heat Prevention:

Most electronic devices are temperature-sensitive, and their functioning deteriorates in hot weather. 

Sometimes, meltdowns and data loss may occur from devices like mobile phones and computers in hot weather.

AC can prevent all those losses and damages to electronic devices.

Improves Security:

Open windows are risky and insecure as unwanted people can enter the rooms suddenly. Unsecured windows and doors are also not safe in living and working places. 

Whenever you install AC, it automatically approaches to keep the door closed and increase the security of your loved ones and valuables.

Less Noise: 

The AC system can lessen the sound from traffic or any other source by keeping doors and windows closed in the summer.

Fewer Parasites and Insects:

Insects are annoying and dangerous for those who have allergies. The filters of air conditioners keep insects and parasites away from your home. Even an AC system can prevent your indoor pets from fleas.

Less Sweating dyes: 

Heat and sweating can impact the color of your clothes. Hideous discoloration from sweating can cause severe discomfort and turn your favorite shirt into a rag. 

Air conditioning can save your clothes and preserve your wardrobe from any unwanted disposal. 

A Source of Warmness in Winter:

One thing that may not arise in your mind is that most modern air conditioners are the kind of air source heat pumps, which means they can produce heat in the coldest winter months.

It works as a low-carbon heat generator than traditional heating sources. It is also more energy-efficient and cost-effective than any heater.

From the above discussion, it is clear that the air conditioner is not a luxury product only. It is an essential electronic item for day-to-day life.

What Are the Different Types of Air Conditioners:

Air Conditioners arrive in different sizes, and types, with diverse pros and cons. The most common and popular air conditioners are-

1. Window Air Conditioner: 

The window air conditioners have a standard window frame. So the name is “Window Air Conditioners”. They are affordable and easy to install. They are best for cooling individual rooms.

Window Air ConditionerWindow Air Conditioner

2. Split Air Conditioner: 

Split AC systems have two units: an indoor unit and an outdoor compressor. These ACs are quieter than window units.  They offer more flexibility in terms of placement.

3. Central Air Conditioning: 

The central AC system is for large homes and commercial buildings. It cools the entire building through a channel of ducts and vents. A thermostat regulates the temperatures and the system.

Central Air Conditioning:Central Air Conditioning:

4. Portable Air Conditioner: 

Portable AC units can be shifted from one room to another. These ACs are ducted through a window or door. They are suitable for smaller spaces.

5. Ductless Mini-Split System: 

Ductless ACs are similar to split systems AC. But it doesn't require ductwork. It has an outdoor compressor, and one or more indoor air-handling units mounted high on walls or ceilings.

6. Wall Air Conditioner: 

These AC units are similar to window units but are installed through a wall rather than a window. They are a good option when a window isn't available.

7. Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC): 

PTAC AC is suitable for hotels and apartment buildings. PTAC units are settled through an exterior wall.  It provides both cooling and heating.

8. Evaporative Coolers: 

Evaporative coolers are also known as swamp coolers. The systems work by drawing warm air through water-saturated pads and then cooling it through the process of evaporation. They are very effective in dry climates.

9. Dual Fuel Air Conditioner/Hybrid:  

The hybrid AC system has a gas furnace and an electric air source. These made the AC system energy-efficient and cost-effective during the heating and cooling.

Different Categories of Air Conditioners

There are four other types of air conditioners, based on the conversion system and energy efficiency.

Inverter AC

Inverter AC operates on the inverter technology. The inverter technology allows the compressor to run at varying speeds, rather than simply turning on and off like traditional units. This system results in more precise temperature control and significant energy savings, especially at partial-load conditions.

Non-Inverter AC

Non-inverter AC is also known as conventional or fixed-speed AC. It operates using a fixed-speed compressor. So it is less efficient than the inverter type AC.

Energy-Efficient AC

The energy-efficient ACs provide outstanding cooling and consume less energy. It has advanced components like variable-speed compressors and multi-stage cooling systems. These allow them to adjust their output based on the cooling needs of the space.

Noiseless AC

Noiseless air conditioners run quietly. It minimizes the disruption to the indoor environment. They are released with Quiet Compressors, Variable-Speed Technology, Insulated Cabinets, advanced Fan Design, Vibration Isolation, and Quiet Mode.

Air Conditioner Price in Bangladesh

The price of air conditioners in Bangladesh ranges between around 40000 BDT to 100000+ BDT. The price depends on the brands, sizes, and types of the AC.


The following are the most commonly asked questions on using AC.

Question 1: Why AC is better than air cooler?

Answer: The air cooler is better for the low budget, but the air cooler can't cool efficiently in humid and dry places. Air conditioners cool the space faster than the air cooler. 

Air conditioners can work in every big and small space, but air coolers have limited cooling capacity. 

Question 2: Does AC produce more heat than cold?

Answer: No, the AC system doesn't make any heat.   It just moves the heat outside from the inside and cools the home or office. 

Question 3: Why is my AC blowing hot air rather than cold air?

Answer: The most common reason for uneven cooling of an AC is the low refrigerant level. When the refrigerant level goes down in your AC, it may blow hot air because the air conditioner uses refrigerant to cool the air. 

Refrigerant levels may be low due to any leakage in the system.

Question 4: Which mode is best for AC in summer?

Answer: The dry mode of AC is best in summer. Because the fan speed of the AC is high in dry mode, it allows it to circulate and bring out moisture from the air. So during the fight against humidity in your house, you may select the dry mode

Question 5: Is auto mode good for AC?

Answer:  Auto mode is good for AC, whenever you intend to save energy. In auto mode, the air conditioner can adjust the fan speed based on the temperature, ambient conditions, and the number of people in the room. 

Question 6: What is an air purifier?

Answer: The air purifier is a device to remove pollutants (particles, gasses, odors, allergens) from the air. It is also known as the air filter. Purifiers have many applications, from residential HVAC systems to industrial machinery. 


Air conditioners are one of the most beneficial innovations of modern technology. It has made our lives enjoyable and cozy in the scorching summer seasons. Our House of Butterfly provides the best quality AC of different brands at a reasonable price. Visit any house of Butterfly today to purchase according to your needs.

If you still have any queries about air conditioners, types of air conditioners, advantages of air conditioning, and more, drop us a comment and we’ll be pleased to answer all of the queries.

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