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Microwave Oven

People are becoming wise and smart about using home and kitchen appliances. Cooking and baking is the main thing one can do in the kitchen where Oven plays a big role. But cooking, baking, and heating become so precise that one can use the available precise functions to meet the need. There was a time when people normally did not think about grilling a chicken in the oven or cooking a curry in the Oven first thought. But now, Grilling and cooking curries are very common.

Types of Oven

Nowadays ovens are becoming more advanced and come in different Functional types like solo, convection, grill, and all. So, cooking, baking, and heating are a snap with the perfect oven in the kitchen. Every type has its own functionality and competency in preparing food types. House of Butterfly offers all sorts of Microwave ovens at the best price in Bangladesh.

Solo Oven- The Solo Microwave Oven is the most fundamental microwave oven. It does simple, everyday tasks like defrosting, reheating, and cooking that are simple but necessary. It is significantly less expensive and includes all necessary functions. The Solo Microwave vibrates water molecules with the help of a magnetron, producing heat and preparing the meal.

The best part is that you can time the cooking process according to your preferences and the requirements of your recipe. You can program it to turn on and off at your leisure! It can do most heating tasks that don't require a lot of skill, such as roasting or baking. But it can not perform a wide range of functions. Furthermore, it is preferable not to use metal utensils, so users must stick to microwave-safe options.

Convection Oven- A convection microwave oven is a two-in-one kitchen appliance that combines the benefits of a kitchen microwave and a convection oven. It is capable of reheating and defrosting food while also baking and roasting dishes. To summarize, a convection oven is a more advanced version of a solo microwave oven that offers a variety of features that the first one does not. 

Great for making pies and pastries, as well as classic snacks like paneer Daal, Potato Chips, and hotchpotch. In addition to baking, roasting, and grilling, a convection microwave oven may perform a variety of additional tasks. Cooking meals that require continual caramelization, blowing, and crispness benefit from the hot air provided by a convection microwave oven. Metal utensils, as well as microwave-safe glass and plastic dishes, can be used.

Grill Oven-  The food in a grill oven is cooked by thermal radiation. It's a technique for fast cooking food over high heat and direct contact. It's hot and rapid, and it sears food quickly. The oven's broiler part, which is usually near the top, offers high, direct heat, similar to that of a grill. One can use this function to brown, char, or caramelize the food.

Grills, which are appliances that cook food by providing heat from underneath, are commonly used to grill food. Grills are divided into two types: charcoal grills and gas-fueled grills. 

However, we grill meals in a conventional oven as well.

Advanced Microwave Oven Features

As a result of innovation, ovens are becoming more advanced. There are multiple advanced features and functionalities to consider. These features and functionalities make life easier and allow one to select an oven based on needs.

Smart Inverter- To deliver the best service, Smart Inverter technology provides accurate cooking power to reheat and defrost a wide range of foods. As a result, there is no power waste with this technology. Furthermore, an energy-efficient operation reduces electricity costs. Because of the ideal temperature control, it cooks faster than ever before, allowing you to produce meals that microwaves couldn't!

Charcoal Lighting Heater- LG is always on the cutting edge of appliance innovation. Its latest line of lightwave Convection Microwave Ovens provides healthier and more versatile cooking. Keeps the natural flavors and makes your dish crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. So save 50% of your time and 30% of your energy.

Stainless Steel Cavity -  A premium appearance with benefits is provided by a stylish interior with a reflective Stainless Steel Cavity. This Stainless Steel Cavity keeps the oven clean and safe from damage. The stainless steel cavity allows for higher heat reflection and uniformity inside the cavity, resulting in more even cooking. This cavity does not peel off like coated cavities, where the turntable's repeated rubbing deteriorates the coating and eventually rips it off, revealing the underlying material.

Multi-Stage Cooking -  Through several innovations, ovens developed more functions and options to use. Multi-Stage Cooking is a very useful function to add variations in cooking. This is available on the Advanced Microwave Oven, allowing it to be used in a combination mode. Microwave+ Convection and microwave+ Grill functions are available to cook various types of curry, rezala, and food items. Cooking and baking are both simple with this oven.

Diet Fry - Diet Fry ensures a high level of flavor while being low in fat. Crispy delicacies can be enjoyed without fear of all that oil wreaking havoc on one's health. That's because LG Microwave Ovens' Diet Fry option allows you to make delicious dishes with very little oil. 

Anti-Bacterial Easy Clean Interior Coating- The Anti-Bacterial Easy Clean interior coating makes cleaning easy and convenient. The microwave interior may be cleaned with just a few wipes. The coating prevents harmful microorganisms from clinging to the surface in 99.99 percent of cases.

Even Heating and Defrosting- Even Heating and Defrosting- For a more enjoyable, tastier dining experience, heat each dish to an even temperature utilizing sensitive temperature settings. Meat can be defrosted more evenly and thoroughly than one has ever experienced by adjusting the temperature to meet the job.

Quartz Heater- The innovative Microwave Oven's concealed heater removes the possibility of any type of hand harm, making the oven completely safe for cooking. It is not only quicker but also safer to use, and it allows you to prepare huge amounts of food at once.

Which Type is Best

Which Type of Oven is Best

Microwave ovens come in a variety of styles and models. An oven's advanced features and configurations make it ideal for particular types of cooking. Again, smart ovens can be configured to support a variety of cooking methods. People are flummoxed as to which oven is the best. In reality, there is no such answer because the actual product is justified by need and perspective. The perspective changes depending on whether one is at home, a restaurant, or a hostel. Again, need-based purchasing is personalized. An oven can be purchased solely for heating and defrosting, or for heavy cooking, baking, or grilling. So, based on the need and user, Solo, Grill, and Convection oven fit their needs and budget. The good thing is there are more options with the best functions.


An oven is a useful and common kitchen appliance. With an oven, one can enjoy their favorite cake, cookie, or freshly baked bread. Heavy cooking and grilling are also a breeze for a party or at home. Restaurants are growing faster and offering a wider range of flavors in their dishes thanks to the use of appropriate smart ovens. With such advanced appliances, life is becoming smarter.

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