LG, the leader in the washing machine segment,
controls about 37% of the market with its advanced technology. Continuing its
league, LG recently
launched its new 5-star rating washing machines.

With this launch, LG India has become the first in India to bring in 5-star
rating home appliances products.

LG is a pioneer of introducing new technology for
its consumers not only do we aim at making these washing machines perfectly fit
for the user’s lifestyle, but we also address the water crisis in our country.
LG has been seen constantly enhancing its products for the betterment of the
society as well as its users. The core principle of energy efficiency was
behind developing the 5-star rating top load
and semi-automatic
washing machine
. LG India has the highest level of 5-star rating
among its products including refrigerators and air conditioners.

The latest features of the washing machine make sure
that natural resources like electricity and water are utilized efficiently
during the washing process. With the advanced technology features like
Turbodrum, TurboWash, Jet Spray, Smart Inverter, and Roller Jet Pulsator, LG
washing machines provide the best washing performance as well as saves water
and electricity.

Some of the key features of the 5-star rates LG Washing Machine are the following: 

  • 10-year warranty – Now
    you don’t have to worry as the washing machines come with a 10- year warranty on
    motor for enhanced durability with a promise of care and convenience for a
    lifetime. It’s not just a washing machine but it comes handy with durability
    accompanied with an extended assurance.
  • Smart Inverter Motor – Not
    just 5 stars rated but they are equipped with smart inverter motor that
    increase your energy savings as well as efficiency. With the best modern
    features, it has been designed to save 30% more energy when compared to the
    other washing machines. The motor system has evolved for efficient operation,
    better performance and tough maintenance. These washing machines at optimum
    level adjust the energy consumption with the power as required. The smart
    inverter motor comes with BMC protection that helps in protecting the motor
    from humidity, insects, and dust.
  • 6 Motion Direct Drive- LG washing machines
    come with World’s first 6 motion Direct Drive Technology that has 6 different
    wash programs for an effective and efficient wash. 6 motion direct drive moves
    the wash drum in many directions providing the fabrics a neat and clean wash
    while maintaining the quality of the fabric. It can sense the type of fabric
    and offers different wash for different fabrics accordingly. The cloth quality
    is retained with an untangled and clean laundry. 
  • Jet Spray- With the Jet
    Spray technology, a Jet spray nozzle sprays clean water to clean the core,
    dirty areas of the clothes. It with its powerful water spray washes off the
    excess detergent and dirt that reduces the manual labor and water usage.
  • Smart Motion and TurboDrum™ – Smart
    Motion, the 3 kinds of tub movements that are controlled by Smart Inverter,
    provide an enhanced washing performance and takes the best care of your
    clothes. The TurboDrum with flowing water stream of a rotating drum in the
    opposite direction removes even the toughest dirt from your clothes.
  • Smart ThinQ – With Smart
    ThinQ feature, doing laundry is a lot more fun and easier. You can do laundry
    from anywhere at any time. Also, it comes with Smart Diagnosis which can
    troubleshoot any problem that you are facing which save your money and
  • Safety and convenience – These
    washing machines come with options like Auto Restart, Standby Power Save and
    Auto Pre-Wash for your convenience and safety. But, if you still face any error
    or difficulty, you can always call the LG service center or use the LG
  • Wash Programs – It
    has different wash programs for different needs of the user. The variety of
    wash programs include Air Dry, Child Lock, Wool, Fuzzy, Jeans, Quick Wash, Tub
    Clean, Smart Cleaning, Favorite and Delay. The washing machine has few added
    features like 10 Water Level Selection, Express Wash, Aqua Reserve, Health+
    Filter, Deep Clean Waterfall, 3-Step Wash, and Air Dry.

The latest range of LG 5-star rating Top Load and
Semi-Automatic washing machine are available in attractive designs and color
schemes. In this range, a total of 35 machines ranging between 6 to 11 kgs are
available in the price range of INR 12,000 to INR 40,000.

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