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Predict the Score & Win !

How to Participate:

 1. Register your Name (as par NID), Email Address, and office ID for every Match Prediction

 2. Multiple predictions for one match will not be accepted. We will accept the First Prediction only.

 4. Please visit this page daily to play the prediction game. 



How to Get Points:

Points will be allocated as per below conditions:

  a. Participant will get 10 points for correctly predictinng a match result (Win, Lose or Draw).

  b. Participant will get additional 5 points for correctly predicting each team's score.

  c. Participant will get additional 5 points for correctly predicting the goal-difference of a match.

The more you predict the more points you get !!

PHASE - 01

Matches played during 20 Nov - 26 Nov

To predict Phase 1 matches

PHASE - 02

Matches played during 27 Nov - 03 Dec

To predict Phase 2 matches

PHASE - 03

Matches played during 4 Dec - 18 Dec

To predict Phase 3 matches

Contest Conditions:

1. In case of a tie in a phase, the contestant with maximum number of correct score predictions will be considered as the Winner.

3. During predicting a match, any information of a participant that is not according to the prescribed format will not be accepted.



*Butterfly reserves the right to amend or cancel the “Hisense – Predict and Win” contest at its sole discretion at any point of time

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