eco+ Air Conditioner is your Summer Friend!

eco+ Air Conditioner is your Summer Friend!eco+ Air Conditioner is your Summer Friend!

The sweltering heat of summer is not tolerable for many. Then, it becomes a top priority for many to find relief. That is where the eco+ air conditioner steps in as your ultimate summer friend. With scorching temperatures looming, investing in an eco+ air conditioner is a wise choice to beat the heat while keeping energy bills in check.

Let's explore why an eco+ air conditioner should be your go-to solution for staying cool and comfortable all summer long.

A Brief About eco+ Air Conditioner

eco+ is gaining serious traction for good reason. Not only are their prices super competitive, but their service is top-notch. That is why the brand has become a go-to choice for savvy shoppers.

Actually, eco+ is the manufacturing brand of Hosue of Butterfly. This brand is making waves in Bangladesh with its lineup of electric goodies, from ACs to TVs to blenders. It manufactures these electronic products in Bhaluka, Dhaka.

Speaking of eco+ ACs, they come in both inverter and non-inverter models. The eco+ inverter air conditioners use fancy variable-speed compressors to adjust the chill factor based on the room's temperature. Translation: they are crazy energy-efficient, slashing power consumption by up to 30%.

On the flip side, there's the non-inverter crew. These bad boys use fixed-speed compressors. This means they are a tad less efficient since they are constantly kicking on and off to maintain that sweet spot of cool.

Now, you are probably wondering about the eco+ inverter air conditioner price in Bangladesh. While you might shell out a bit more upfront, the long-term savings on your energy bill are nothing to sneeze at.

Whether you prefer eco+ inverter air conditioners or non-inverter variants, you can always visit the House of Butterfly to find something suitable.

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Outstanding Features of eco+ Air Conditioners

When it comes to cooling your space efficiently and comfortably, nothing beats the eco+ air conditioner lineup. Packed with innovative features, these eco+ AC units will definitely revolutionize your cooling experience. Let's delve into what sets them apart:

Features of eco+ Inverter Air Conditioner


Features of eco+ Inverter Air ConditionerFeatures of eco+ Inverter Air Conditioner

1) Energy Savings Up to 50%

Say goodbye to hefty energy bills! eco+ Inverter ACs utilize variable speed compressors to adjust cooling capacity based on room temperature. These air conditioners can cut power consumption by up to 50%.

2) Refrigerant Leakage Detection

Stay ahead of potential issues with built-in refrigerant leakage detection. This feature ensures efficient and safe operation. Also, it will protect the environment from harmful refrigerant leaks.

3) Sleek Hidden LED Display

You will be amazed by the modern aesthetic of the hidden LED display. This LED display only appears when the AC is in use. It is a sleek addition that enhances the unit's premium design.

4) Corrosion-Resistant Gold Fin (CU) Condenser

This type of condenser is engineered to withstand corrosion. It plays a vital role in prolonging the lifespan of your AC unit while maintaining optimal performance.

5) Sleep Mode for Comfortable Nights

The intelligent sleep mode will automatically adjust the temperature and fan speed. As a result, you will enjoy uninterrupted sleep. This mode is also great for energy efficiency and comfortable cooling throughout the night.

6) Extended Reach Cooling

eco+ inverter ACs have long-distance cooling capabilities. So, no matter how far the outdoor unit is, these ACs will ensure optimal cooling even in large spaces.

7) Versatile 2-Way Draining

Enjoy extra convenience with the option for dual condensate draining. Because of this feature, maintaining  eco+ air conditioners will be a breeze.

8) Seamless Auto Restart

Never worry about interrupted cooling during power outages. The auto restart feature ensures your eco+ AC unit resumes operation automatically. Hence, you will remain comfortable at all times.

9) Reliable Copper Condenser

Experience efficient and reliable cooling performance with the durable copper condenser. This makes eco+ air conditioners corrosion-resistant. Therefore, these ACs can deliver long-lasting performance.

10) Whisper-Quiet Operation

eco+ inverter ACs operate at low noise levels. Hence, they provide quiet and comfortable cooling. This feature makes these air conditioners ideal for bedrooms and other noise-sensitive areas.

11) Customizable 24-Hour Timer

Take control of your energy usage with the 24-hour timer. You can schedule an eco+ air conditioner to turn on or off at specific times. This will ensure maximum efficiency for your house.

12) Error Code ES

eco+ inverter ACs are designed for hassle-free setup. They will automatically shut down if there is a sudden breakdown. This makes eco+ air conditioners the ideal cooling solution for your space.

Error Code ESError Code ES

Features of eco+ Non-inverter Air Conditioner

Features of eco+ Non-inverter Air ConditionerFeatures of eco+ Non-inverter Air Conditioner

1) Stylish Hidden LED Display

The eco+ non-inverter AC features a sleek hidden LED display. It will add a touch of modernity to your space. Easily monitor temperature, mode, and timer settings with the included remote control.

2) Dual Drainage Options

Just like eco+ inverter air conditioners, the non-inverter variants also feature 2-way draining. So, they are very easy to clean and maintain. Choose the drainage option that suits your setup and preferences for hassle-free maintenance.

3) Sleep Mode for Energy Efficiency

Keep cool while saving energy with the sleep mode feature. Set a timer to gradually adjust the temperature overnight. Ultimately, eco+ air conditioners will provide comfortable sleep without unnecessary power consumption.

4) Convenient Timer Function

Take control of your cooling schedule with the timer feature. Set specific times for your AC to power on or off. As a result, you can better optimize energy usage and keep your space comfortable when needed.

5) Durable Copper Condenser

eco+ non-inverter ACs are also equipped with a reliable copper condenser. Hence, they can transfer more heat and have better longevity compared to their aluminum counterparts. For copper condensers, these air conditioners last longer than usual.

6) Efficient Rotary Compressor

Experience efficient and quiet operation with the rotary compressor. Not only does it save energy, but it also offers durability and reliability. That is why eco+ ACs are an ideal choice for your cooling needs.

7) Enhanced Air Distribution with 4-Way Swing

Say goodbye to uneven cooling! The 4-Way Swing feature disperses cool air in four directions. It creates a more comfortable environment while reducing cooling time and energy consumption.

Benefits of Using eco+ Air Conditioner

Why choose eco+ for your cooling needs? eco+ air conditioners can deliver superior cooling performance tailored to your needs. Here are the benefits laid out:

01. Energy Efficiency

Enjoy significant savings on your electricity bills with eco+ inverter air conditioners. These units are highly energy-efficient. They can reduce power consumption by up to 30% compared to non-inverter models.

02. Whisper-Quiet Operation

eco+ inverter ACs operate quietly. They can provide a peaceful environment without frequent on-off cycles. So, no more noisy interruptions while sleeping.

03. Rapid Cooling

Experience swift cooling with eco+ inverter air conditioners. They adapt their cooling capacity according to the room's temperature. Therefore, they can deliver faster and more efficient cooling compared to traditional models.

04. Cost-Effective Solution

With eco+ air conditioners, affordability is key. These units come at a lower price point, especially at the House of Butterfly. Overall, eco+ ACs are a budget-friendly choice for those seeking reliable cooling without spending tons of money.

05. Ideal for Spacious Areas

Do you need an air conditioner to cool down a large room? Then, eco+ inverter ACs can be your best choice. With their higher cooling capacity, they are perfectly suited for larger spaces. These units will keep everyone comfortable, even on the hottest days.

06. Robust Design for Durability

Rest easy knowing your eco+ AC is built to last. With a simple and sturdy design, these units are less prone to breakdowns. No doubt, an eco+ air conditioner will offer long-term reliability.

Price Range of eco+ Air Conditioner

If you are interested in purchasing an eco+ air conditioner by now, you must be curious about the cost. For your convenience, we will give a breakdown.

For eco+ Inverter Air Conditioners:

Typically, the price varies based on the AC's capacity, measured in tons. On average, expect to invest between 55,000 and 100,000 BDT for an eco+ inverter air conditioner. For more precise pricing, you can explore options at House of Butterfly.

For eco+ Non-Inverter Air Conditioners:

Similar to the eco+ inverter models, the price of eco+ non-inverter ACs also depends on the unit's tonnage. Generally, you can find an eco+ non-inverter AC priced between 45,000 and 70,000 BDT. For more details on the available options and pricing, visit House of Butterfly.

Is Eco+'s After-Sales Service Good?

For Bangladeshi customers considering eco+ air conditioners, the quality of after-sales service is a crucial factor. Fortunately, many customers have reported positive experiences with eco+'s after-sales support.

eco+ has earned a reputation for providing top-notch servicing. Often, customers praise the brand for its prompt response times and efficient resolution of issues. eco+ service representatives are known for their professionalism and expertise. They are excellent at routine maintenance or addressing technical concerns.

Moreover, eco+ always prioritizes customer satisfaction. They address any post-purchase queries or problems immediately and effectively. From installation assistance to troubleshooting, eco+ strives to provide comprehensive support to its customers.

Overall, Bangladeshi customers can feel confident in eco+'s after-sales service. They can rest easy knowing a top-notch support team has their backs for servicing their eco+ air conditioners. So, it is justified to pay the eco+ inverter air conditioner price in Bangladesh.

Final Thoughts on Buying Eco+ ACs

If you have come this far, it is clear that an eco+ air conditioner can keep you cool and comfortable during the summer months. With its energy-efficient technology, innovative features, and top-notch performance, the eco+ air conditioner provides relief from the heat. Plus, it can help you stay environmentally conscious.

Discover the eco+ inverter air conditioner price in Bangladesh at the House of Butterfly. Buy one today and enjoy a refreshing, cooling experience like never before.

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