Haier Air Conditioner - Choose from the Variety

Haier AC- Choose from the VarietyHaier AC- Choose from the Variety

Bangladesh is a tropical country, so in summer and spring air conditioners are the utmost necessity rather than luxury. For the cooling solutions, amidst all the options, Haier Air Conditioners stands out with its reliability, excellent performance, and comfort. 

If you check out some of the top AC brands in Bangladesh, Haier will be ranked top for innovation, credibility, and energy efficiency. Not only these Haier Air Conditioners are cooling solutions, but also easy to use and put emphasis on customers' comfort. 

Today, we'll learn all about the Haier air conditioner from this article. All details from features to price will be mentioned here. Therefore, let's get started!

Haier Air Conditioner: A Quick Overview

Haier is originally a Chinese multinational appliances and electronics company. Their headquarters is in Qingdao, China. Bangladesh imports these amazing air conditioners through different authorized distributors, wholesalers, or channels.

Now, Haier Air Conditioners made a huge impact in Bangladesh's market for its durability, reliability, innovative features, and exceptional quality. Haier Air conditioners can be seen in residential as well as commercial sectors making the consumers satisfied. The AC from Haier has a diverse range of varieties that can fill the specific needs of Bangladeshi consumers. 

Haier brand's best charisma is the energy efficiency function. In a country like Bangladesh, where energy saving is the top priority, Haier became the hotcake here. Focusing on advanced technology, these air conditioners from Haier come in different types and have different remarkable features. Let's see those! 

Types of Haier Air Conditioner

Haier AC Type- Inverter vs Non InverterHaier AC Type- Inverter vs Non Inverter

When it comes to choosing your precious AC from a myriad of options, you must check the technology used in the products. Based on different technology, Haier air conditioners are two types- 

Haier Inverter Air Conditioner

Here are some features for better understanding the inverter air conditioner- 

  1. Best Cooling System: In inverter air conditioners microprocessors are used to regulate the speed of the compressors. Controlling the compressor and adjusting it to the required demand results in a comforting result for consumers. 
  2. No Noise: In inverter air conditioner models, the noise level is minimized as they adjust the compressor speed to match the cooling demand. 
  3. Energy Saving: When the desired temperature is achieved in the air conditioner, the inverter models reduce the speed of the compressor to save energy and maintain the temperature, which means lower electricity bills. 

Haier Non-Inverter Air Conditioner

  1. Ordinary Cooling System: The main difference between inverter and non-inverter air conditioners is the compressor motor. In a non-inverter, the aircon has a fixed speed compressor which you can't adjust. It operates like "all or nothing". 
  2. Affordability: Non-inverter air conditioner models are comparatively more budget-friendly than the inverter models. As it's simple in design, easy to use, and also affordable, that's what makes it appealing to the customer. 
  3. Not Energy Efficient: Non-inverter models are not efficient as these models' compressor motors can't be controlled, so if you want to lower the temperature, you can't adjust that, which means higher electricity bills. Additionally, whenever these models run, they make rattling noises. 

Different Models of Haier Air Conditioner

Here are the best models of Haier air conditioners you can pick. Let's see the products- 

1. Haier 1.5 Ton Anti Rust Cool Inverter AC

Anti-rust coating is one of the best-selling air conditioner models from Haier. You'll understand why if you focus on the features-

Anti-Rust Coating

The reason this air conditioner stands out among all is the anti-rust coating on the condenser fins. The fins are blue fins which are incredibly durable and prolong the lifespan of the air conditioner by self-cleaning. As Bangladesh is a high-humidity area, this feature helps a lot in having a healthy long-lasting air conditioner. 

Energy Efficiency

The Haier Anti Rust Cool AC is designed to keep energy efficiency in mind. That's why this fantastic air conditioner offers you a 65% energy-saving service. Even though this air conditioner will give you rapid and efficient cooling, your electricity bills will be moderate. Amazing, isn’t it?

No Noise

Even though the Haire anti-rust cool air conditioner has an incredibly powerful cooling system, it operates quietly. Thus, the consumers can enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable service. 

Powerful Cooling System 

By using the highly efficient grooved copper compressor motor and advanced technology, the air conditioner offers powerful, rapid, and satisfactory cooling in the scorching summer months, making it ideal for Bangladesh.

Smart Features 

This amazing air conditioner model is equipped with a remote control, sleep mode, timer settings, and more customization for the users to adjust the cooling temperature. 


The price of this Inverter air conditioner is 73,490/=. If you want to check out this exclusive model of Haire, please visit here.

2. Haier 1.5 Ton Wi-Fi Cool Inverter AC

After the Anti-rust coating AC, we chose another fabulous air conditioner model with lots of popularity. Here you go with the details- 

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Haier Wi-Fi Cool Air Conditioner is infused with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which allows the consumers to operate and control through a remote or on smartphone app. In this current technology, this feature saves lots of trouble for consumers and creates more convenience and flexibility for them. 

Dual Inverter Technology

From the dual inverter technology, this air conditioner provides rapid, instant and powerful cooling performance, yet minimizes energy consumption by 65%. Also, the grooved copper condenser is of top-notch quality to extend the durability of the air conditioner. 

Voice Control

Such an amazing feature is the connection of virtual Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with the air conditioner. Without handing the remote, just give a voice command and stay hassle-free. 

Purification of Air

The air conditioner has a blue find and self-clean system, equipped with advanced air purification filters. It includes an activated carbon filter and HEPA which help to reduce the allergen, harmful particles, and dust from the room. 

Smart Diagnosis

This smart air conditioner can diagnose any trouble and immediately troubleshoot automatically. You'll get a notification in the phone app about what's happening in the repair procedure. 


This stunning air conditioner is 75,990/=. If you're interested in this air conditioner model, please visit here.

3. Haier 2 Ton Turbo Cool AC

This air conditioner model from Haier is a non-inverter model that is extremely popular among consumers. Let's find out why- 

Turbo Cooling Function

Thanks to the turbo-cooling function with the grooved copper condenser, the Haier Turbo Cool Air Conditioner is specially designed to deliver a rapid and powerful cooling system within a few minutes. On a hot summer day in Bangladesh where immediate relief is needed, this model can make your life easier. 

Good Airflow

With good technology design, this air conditioner can deliver cool air to each corner of the room and effectively cool every part evenly. 

Energy Saving Mode

Even though the main point of this model is to provide powerful cooling, it still has an energy efficiency function. With the energy saving option, it allows the users to minimize their electricity bills without compromising the excellent cooling performance. 

Auto Clean 

With the blue fin, this model can maintain optimal air quality preventing dust and allergens in the room. Additionally, despite being a powerful motor and rapid air throw, this air conditioner makes very little noise. 


The price of this beautiful model is 74,990/=. You can check this item from here 

Why Invest in a Haier Air Conditioner?

Investing in a Haier Air Conditioner can be the best long-term investment for you. Let's see why you should choose Haier- 

1. Durability & Reliability 

Haire has a long-term commitment to the consumers about durability and customers rely on this brand for their skillful craftsmanship. 

2. Innovative Technology

With modern technology, this brand always keeps track of the customer's necessities and shapes that into a mind-blowing solution to deliver excellent performance and convenience.

3. Huge Options 

You'll get a variety of options from inverter to non-inverter, different cooling systems, smart options, residential or office purposes, and all kinds of air conditioners available in Haier. 

4. Energy Efficiency

The best catch in Haier air conditioners is this sustainable energy feature. In Bangladesh, energy consumption is quite a big issue and Haier took this into account and made the models minimize energy consumption without compromising on cooling performance.

What to Consider Before Buying A Haier Air Conditioner? 

what to consider before buying a Haier ACwhat to consider before buying a Haier AC

You need to be careful about some elements before purchasing your precious air conditioner. Such as- 

1. Cooling Capacity 

From the weight of tonnage, cooling capacity is measured. A 1-ton AC can cool down a small room in a while, but for a bigger room 1.5/2 ton AC will be necessary. You have to determine the size of your room before choosing the AC. For a bigger room choose 2 tons, medium big room 1. 5 ton and small room 1 ton. 

2. BEE Star Rating

BEE is the Bureau of Energy Efficiency of the Government of India. They award the best electrical appliances with stars who have the best energy-saving innovation. It helps the customers to understand the energy saving option, more stars mean more energy effective means less electricity bills. 

3. Budget

This is one of the crucial facts you need to consider. For the tight-budget people please fix your budget and then choose your favorite air conditioner. You can make a top 5 list and then do good research on them. Then, before buying make sure that that's the best option in your budget. 

4. Maintenance 

If you want a long-lasting healthy air conditioner, you must take regular functional care of it. Make sure the AC space is always clean and based on the AC type please maintain it regularly. 

5. Warranty Coverage 

Please make sure to check the warranty terms of the air conditioner before purchasing. Read the terms and conditions provided by Haire quite carefully. Check if any extended warranty option is available. 


1. Is Haier a good air conditioner? 

Certainly, yes! From quality to advanced technology to excellent performance, Delete is energy efficient as well as provides rapid cool air. The electricity bills stay moderate and customers feel satisfied! 

2. What is the Haier air conditioner price in Bangladesh? 

The price of Haier air conditioner can vary for different tons, size, quality, and advanced features. However, the price range can go from 47,990/= to 1,92,000/=. The price is good enough for all classes of people. 

3. Are Haier air conditioners suitable for both residential and commercial use?Yes, as mentioned before, Haier offers a wide range of air conditioners that can be suitable for your residence as well as an office or retail space. For a single room to the entire office, Haier has your back!

Final Words 

That's all for today. For the upcoming summer, please choose your favorite Haier Air Conditioner from the House of Butterfly. Say bye-bye to the scorching summer heat and enjoy your summer with the excellent cooling performance from Haier Air conditioners! Best of luck! 

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