Haier Air Conditioner's Self-Cleaning Feature- Embracing Hassle-Free Comfort

Haier AC Self Cleaning FeatureHaier AC Self Cleaning Feature

An AC is undoubtedly the best idea for people who live in a tropical country with hot summers like Bangladesh. Even though many people have the ability, they often avoid buying it because of the hassle of cleaning the AC. However, Haier is introducing a new technology, Haier Air Conditioner's Self-Cleaning feature that can free AC owners from this hassle for good.

Generally, the Haier AC self-cleaning feature is all about frosting the evaporator to collect the frozen dirt and draining it after melting through the inbuilt aluminum angular foil drainage system. While cleaning the dirt, this feature also ensures utmost hygiene and sterilization for the best possible cooling system.

In terms of this smart self-cleaning system, Haier is the first brand that launch ACs incorporating this feature in Bangladesh. Let’s learn about this innovative function in more detail.

Traditional Air Conditioner and Cleaning Hassle

Even though there is no better solution than an Air conditioner for the much-needed relief in the scorching summers, often it creates a bigger hassle when with maintenance and cleaning. Over time, dust, debris, and mold gather within the unit degrading its efficiency and air quality. 

We should never neglect regular cleaning and maintenance as it can diminish performance and cause health risks because of circulating allergens and pollutants.

The cleaning process of an air conditioner is without a doubt, very tedious and time-consuming. For a complete cleaning session, we have to dismantle components, like filters, coils, and vents, and remove dirt and grime manually. 

Moreover, reaching certain parts is very difficult and requires specialized tools or professional assistance. As a result, we often can't manage cleaning both indoor and outdoor units at home.

Even if some of us manage to do it at home, there is always a bigger risk. Improper cleaning techniques can damage delicate components and finally, cause costly repairs or premature system failure. Still, regular maintenance is a must-have thing we can't avoid.

Self-Clean Feature- The Solution of Hassle

A few years back, AC owners' bigger dream was an AC that could clean itself and need no occasional cleaning session. Thinking of those features for better customer satisfaction, Haier introduces a revolutionary Self-Clean Technology on many of their inverter air conditioners.

This innovative technology promises hassle-free maintenance and impeccable indoor air quality with a mere press of a button. With the Self-Clean feature, you can effortlessly initiate a complete indoor wet wash just with a simple tap on the specific remote button. 

The process usually ensures the cleanliness of the evaporator of their split air conditioners without any inconvenience. Besides, the top-notch self-cleaning system can detect the common issue of dust accumulation on the evaporator unit when it is running.

While having the utmost hygiene concerns, this system enhances cooling efficiency by up to 30%. It automatically lowers the evaporator's temperature and increases condensed water by 30% to dislodge dirt through a powerful cold expansion force generated by frosting. Also, it washes away the dirt while defrosting to keep the machine properly clean.

How Haier Self Clean Feature Works

Haier's self-cleaning technology is undoubtedly a significant advancement in air conditioner maintenance. The target outcome of this system is not only cleanliness but also efficiency and longevity. Let's learn how this innovative Haier AC feature works:

How Self Clean Feature Work?How Self Clean Feature Work?

Step 1: Make Frost  

When you activate the self-cleaning function, it initiates a process with lowering of the evaporator's temperature. The sudden reduction of the temperature results in the formation of frost. 

Step 2: Collect Frozen Dirt

This cool frost system will then act as a trapping mechanism that will collect all the dust, dirt, and other impurities present on the coil during normal operation. The frost simply encapsulates these contaminants effectively and ensures they are captured and prevented from circulating back into the air. 

Step 3: Melt the Frost  

The frost begins to melt after a designated period, usually around 21 minutes. As it melts, it transforms the accumulated dirt into water. 

Haier's system is equipped with a specialized drainpipe designed for efficient water expulsion. This drainage process effectively flushes away the impurities from the evaporator to make it clean and free from residue. 

Step 4: Drain the Dirt

Haier integrates an aluminum angular foil into the design to enhance drainage efficiency. This foil increases the frequency and effectiveness of the water expulsion process. It ensures thorough cleaning while preventing the buildup of residue that could harbor bacteria or mold. 

Step 5: Sterilization

Beyond basic cleanliness, Haier's self-cleaning technology prioritizes hygiene. The evaporator fins are coated with nano-silver ions, which exhibit an impressive sterilization rate of 99.9%. This coating coverage effectively purifies the airflow and safeguards against harmful pathogens. 

Haier's self-cleaning air conditioners not only clean themselves efficiently but also aim to maximize user convenience and product longevity. Stabilizer-free operation is one of the best parts here that ensures stable performance even during voltage fluctuations. 

The use of 100% anti-corrosion copper components indeed prolongs the unit's lifespan reduces maintenance costs and ensures durability.

Haier's self-cleaning technology combines innovative engineering with thoughtful design to deliver a comprehensive solution for air conditioner maintenance. With this revolutionary process of cleaning itself, this new Hair technology sets a new standard for air conditioner performance and reliability in the worldwide market.

Benefits of Self-Clean Feature

Benefits of Self Clean FeatureBenefits of Self Clean Feature

The Self-Clean feature introduced by Haier in many inverter air conditioners is like a revolution in terms of user convenience and indoor air quality management. This innovative technology offers a multitude of benefits that enhance the overall experience with this type of air conditioner by Haier. 

Here are the beneficial sides of Haier Air Conditioner's Self-Cleaning feature: 

Super Convenient

The Self-Clean feature provides superb convenience as you no longer need to clean the units regularly. With just the press of a button, you can initiate a complete indoor wet wash. So, you don't need manual cleaning efforts or professional services. 

Money Saver

An air conditioner with no self-cleaning feature can't possibly clean any of its parts automatically. So, every few months, we need to hire professionals who can clean both units for us. You must know that the professional AC cleaning service is quite expensive in any country of the world. 

So, when you have a self-cleaning air conditioner, you don't need to hire those professionals at all. As a result, it will save you regular maintenance and cleaning costs even more effectively.


The Self-Clean technology ensures superior hygiene and air quality. As it automatically cleans the evaporator unit, it effectively removes gathered dust and dirt. Also, it minimizes the risk of bacterial transmission and allergen buildup. 

Good for People with Respiratory Conditions or Allergies

Haier's advanced self-cleaning feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with respiratory conditions or allergies. It helps create a healthier indoor environment with better air quality. So, patients feel better in such a hygienic environment.

Enhanced Cooling Efficiency

This innovative Self-Clean function initially enhances cooling system efficiency and improves performance as well. It prevents the accumulation of dirt on the evaporator to help maintain seamless airflow and temperature regulation. As a result, the system ensures consistent and effective cooling throughout the room. 

The Self-Clean feature of Haier air conditioners represents a groundbreaking innovation that combines convenience, hygiene, and performance. So, from whatever prospect you think, a Haier air conditioner with a self-cleaning function must be your best deal for cooling the environment in your room.

Other Benefits of Haier Air Conditioner

In terms of air conditioning technology, Haier introduces a lot of cutting-edge features in their air conditioners. Aside from the self-cleaning function, they come with many more features that let you identify these air conditioners as the smartest Air conditioning system. Let's check out the unique features this brand is offering:

Steri-Clean Function

Haier introduces the Steri-Clean function alongside their Self-Clean feature. By heating the heat exchanger to 56°C, this technology kills harmful bacteria effectively while ensuring a strong sterilization effect. With silver ion-coated fins aiding in the process, the antibacterial rate reaches up to an impressive 98%.

Air Quality Monitoring and Display

The Jade series air conditioners come with a high-definition sensor that detects dust and allergens in real time. It will display information on the screen so that you can learn about the air quality with a green light for good and a red alarm light for poor conditions. 

PuriCool™ Function

Haier's PuriCool™ function goes beyond basic air purification. Utilizing an innovative iFD filter, it removes pollutants and allergens with an efficiency of up to 99.9%. Thus, it ensures clean air while providing a comfortable cooling environment. The system's "Static Electricity Absorption" mechanism captures even tiny airborne hazards to purify the entire room within 15 minutes.

Smart Sensor Technology

Equipped with intelligent sensors, Haier air conditioners adjust operating modes based on real-time air conditions and occupancy. The system not only optimizes energy efficiency but also enhances user experience as it provides customized comfort.

HygieneCool™ Function

Haier's HygieneCool™ function prevents the growth and spread of mold and bacteria in a better way. It simply comes with silver nanoparticles in the main components. Continuously releasing silver ions, this feature ensures protection against harmful microorganisms, with a remarkable efficacy of up to 99.9%.

Noiseless Air Technology

Haier's Jade series comes with Whispering Air technology that ensures a peaceful environment with its ultra-quiet operation at only 15dB (A). This feature lets you enjoy comfortable cooling without any disruptive noise. As a result, the system will help you get interrupted sleep the whole night.

Also, Haier's Smart Air cooling function lets you control their air conditioning system intelligently from your smartphones or tablets. Their user-centric design with all these unique features simply makes their air conditioners not just cooling devices but comprehensive solutions for clean, hygienic, and comfortable indoor environments.


1. Where to get Haier AC 65% energy saver in Bangladesh?

ans: You can get most of the models of Haier AC with 65% energy-saving features in any outlet of the House of Butterfly.

2. What is the Haier AC price in Bangladesh?

ans: You can get different models of Haier AC from BDT47,990 to BDT 192,000 in Bangladesh. For more specific info visit here.

3. Is Haier inverter AC expensive?

ans: Compared to the non-inverter ACs, Haier inverter ACs are relatively expensive. But if you think deeply about the electricity bills, the inverter AC is better in the long run.


Haier Air Conditioner's Self-Cleaning feature is undoubtedly a remarkable innovation that reduces the cost, effort, and risk associated with the AC at the same time. We no longer need to clean the AC manually or hire professionals with high prices to clean the AC. Instead, this self-clean system keeps the AC clean while ensuring a better cooling system with utmost hygiene.

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