Hitachi Multi Door Refrigerator- Open the Door of New Refrigerant!

Hitachi Multi Door Refrigerator- Open the Door of New Refrigerant!Hitachi Multi Door Refrigerator- Open the Door of New Refrigerant!

For any household appliances you want to purchase, Hitachi will serve you the best among everything. For the last five years, multi-door refrigerators have been ruling in the market. One of the most crucial reasons for the overwhelming popularity of these multi-door refrigerators is their huge capacity, energy-saving technology, food preservation benefits, and sustainability. Among all these offerings of multi-door refrigerators, Hitachi stands out as a polestar with innovation and reliability. 

So, what does the Hitachi Multi-Door Refrigerator offer?

Apart from all the basic features of multi-door refrigerators, Hitachi Multi Door Refrigerators offer you an array of more impressive qualities with modern refrigerator technology, energy efficiency, and functionality. Therefore, if you're about to purchase a new multi-door refrigerator, we request you to read this article for better product understanding. Hence, let's get started!

Hitachi Refrigerator

From the top or bottom freezer to multi-door refrigerators, you can get any type of refrigerators in the superior brand Hitachi. With the latest technology and reliability, Hitachi has over 100 years of reputation and customer reliability in the market. Hitachi is also committed to customers about their necessities and developing proprietary features to suit each country's users. 

Hitachi has the best Frost recycling cooling feature that uses chilled air generated by the frost on the evaporator to cool down the refrigerator and vegetables when the compressor isn’t active.

In addition, it has HFC-free urethane insulation/HFC-free Refrigerant(R600a) which has less effect on global warming compared to the other HFC alternatives used in other refrigerators generally. 

Also, the Hitachi Refrigerator also reduces energy consumption by using two different kinds of energy-saving proprietary technology. Apart from all these impressive and unique features, Hitachi Refrigerators have spacious interior capacity along with adjustable shelves and compartments. 

Moreover, Hitachi refrigerators now come with smart features like WiFi connectivity. Also, the dual cooling system keeps the food and vegetables fresh for longer. If we talk about the exterior look, it has the utmost sleek and fashionable look for the customer's suitable taste. Lastly, Hitachi has excellent and marvelous customer service that includes warranties and servicing centers! 

Types of Hitachi Refrigerator

Hitachi offers you versatile types of refrigerators from which you can choose the right combination. Choose the right type of refrigerator based on your storage capacity, space, and convenience. Here is a small guide that'll help you to explore different kinds of Hitachi refrigerators to compare and get the best. There you go- 

a. Top Freezer Refrigerators

This is the classic design refrigerator where the freezer is above part and one door opens from the side. This is also known as a top-mount freezer. This type of refrigerator is suitable for all types of kitchen layouts and has straightforward storage. It comes with adjustable shelves and door bins to keep your food or bottles organized. This type of refrigerator is more energy efficient than the fancy multi-door refrigerators, as they have a simpler design and easy cooling system. 

b. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator 

This one is the reverse version of the top freezer refrigerator. The fresh food storage is on the top shelf with a spacious compartment at eye level with the freezer at the bottom. It also comes with adjustable shelves and door bins. This is similar to the classic option while making it easy to access the bottom freezer without bending down. 

c. Hitachi Multi-Door Refrigerator 

All the above two options are one-side door open system refrigerators which are classic in design. Now, we'll delve into the more functional and fancy multi-door refrigerators from Hitachi. Here we go- 

d. Side-by-Side Refrigerators

Side-by-side refrigerators feature two doors that open vertically splitting. One side is a freezer and another side for a fresh food refrigerator. It offers equal access to both sides. 

It has a convenient shelf system that helps to organize the fresh and frozen food and less used products at the bottom shelves.  These refrigerators are equipped with advanced features such as LED lighting, digital temperature control, ice and water dispensers, and so on. 

e. French Door Refrigerators

This style refrigerator is quite similar to the pantry style layout. The top two doors vertically open for a fresh food refrigerator and a freezer drawer goes below.  If you have a big family and are searching for ample space with adjustable shelves, this is a great choice for you. 

Like the side-by-side refrigerator, this refrigerator is also equipped with humidity-controlled drawers and a temperature-control system for better food preservation. 

f. 4-Door Refrigerators

4-door refrigerators are similar to the French-door refrigerators. It has a top refrigerator with two doors, but at the bottom, unlike the French Door, it has a two-door set-up at the bottom freezer too. Quad-door refrigerators are often famous for keeping your stuff organized and matching the aesthetic of your house.

4. Compact Refrigerators

These small-sized refrigerators from Hitachi are ideal options for limited space like a dorm room, small apartment, or office. These refrigerators have basic storage for essential items like snacks, limited food items, and beverages. They are available in different designs such as freezer or without freezer undercounter models or portable designs. 

5. Counter-Depth Refrigerators

This type of refrigerator is more energy and space-efficient to achieve a built-in look. These refrigerators sit flush with the kitchen cabinets at 24 inches depth. Most of these refrigerators are wider to compensate for the lost depth than the classic designs. 

Advantages of Hitachi Multi-Door Refrigerators

Advantages of Hitachi Multi-Door RefrigeratorsAdvantages of Hitachi Multi-Door Refrigerators

Here we'll see some of the excellent benefits we can get from the multi-door refrigerators from Hitachi. Let's go- 

Exterior Marvelous Look

Keeping the taste and suitability of customers, the manufacturers created different sleek and premium finishes for these amazing refrigerators. These looks add a touch of luxury and aesthetic to your kitchen. 

Large Size 

Multi-door refrigerators are generally infused with ample amounts of storage and space for both refrigerators and freezers. Also, the compartments and shelves are adjustable accommodating the needs of a larger household. The maximum capacity is 235 to 495 liters. LLC 

Enhanced Organization

As mentioned before, these refrigerators have adjustable shelves and compartments that also include door bins. It makes it easy to organize items of different sizes such as bottles or jars. In addition, separate compartments are used for fruits, vegetables or dairy products. 

Advanced Technology 

The advanced technology includes inverter compressors, eco-friendly refrigerants, a dual cooling system, temperature control, WiFi connectivity, and smart features. All these impressive technologies make the Hitachi Multi-Door Refrigerators unique and superior. 

Long-Term Value

The refrigerators are energy efficient, as the narrow doors allow less cold air to pass, so it takes less energy to recover the optimal temperature. In addition, the frost-free technology comes with having no need to clean the ice manually. It has auto-clean functionality. As built with durability in mind, Hitachi Refrigerators last more than 15 years with customers' good maintenance. 


Prices may vary depending on the models and features of the refrigerators. However, mostly the price range goes from 80,000/= to 2,90,000/=.

Disadvantages of Hitachi Multi-Door Refrigerators

Everything has both advantages and disadvantages. We've seen the exclusive advantages already. Now, let's see a few disadvantages- 

Initial Cost 

Hitachi Multi-door Refrigerators are quite expensive as you already know. This budget seems overwhelming, but trust us, one time you invest in this amazing refrigerator, you'll be tension-free for decades. It is worth every penny you cost. 

Space Requirements 

If you live in a limited space, this isn't an ideal option for you. Hitachi Multi-door refrigerators require spacious capacity that may be not suitable for smaller living places. Also, these large-size refrigerators are for big families, for a family with 2-3 members, it isn’t an ideal fit. 

Energy Consumption 

Multi-door refrigerators consume high power because of their large size. Also, the frost-free mode requires the automatic fan to circulate cool air which causes 30-50% extra electricity bills. 

Why Invest in a Hitachi Multi-Door Refrigerator?

Investing in Hitachi Multi-door Refrigerators is not only beneficial but also a commitment to quality and sustainability. Here are the reasons why one should invest- 

Innovative Technologies 

The refrigerators feature impressive functions such as dual cooling systems for energy saving, smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity, and controlling temperature for better food perseverance. In addition, the inverter compressors along with the eco-friendly refrigerants prevent globalization. The impressive functions not only keep the food fresh and cool for longer but also manage lower utility bills. 

Flexible Storage

All the multi-door refrigerators have adjustable shelves and compartments where you can preserve your beverages, fresh food or frozen items. The door bins or shelves are often customizable for efficient and convenient storage. Now, no need to rummage through the clutter of freezers. 

Better Layout

The Hitachi Multi-door Refrigerators blend with the aesthetics of your house and create a visual appeal in your kitchen. The side-by-side makes a contemporary allure where the French door creates a timeless everlasting addition to your kitchen. 


100 years of trust and reliability in this brand, the manufacturers keep that trust by providing durable designs and robust construction. The refrigerators also have quality control measures that ensure trouble and hassle-free operations for decades. The sturdy build is engineered for daily rigorous usage and long-term value. 

Different Hitachi Multi-Door Refrigerators in Bangladesh 

Different Hitachi Multi-Door Refrigerators in Bangladesh Different Hitachi Multi-Door Refrigerators in Bangladesh 

Here are some of the best picks of Hitachi Multi-door refrigerators you can find in the renowned House of Butterfly


HITACHI 586 LITER FRENCH DOOR REFRIGERATOR is an amazing 4-door Hitachi Refrigerator with a sleek glass Black color. It is infused with eco-friendly R-600a refrigerant. The dual cooling fan does efficient energy consumption and it has nano titanium. You can get this excellent French Door refrigerator with ৳2,45,500. 


HITACHI 641 LITER SIDE BY SIDE REFRIGERATOR is another timeless beauty with powerful deodorization. The frameless sleek design refrigerator comes with a twist ice maker and inverter. Also, the dual cooling fan makes less energy consumption. There is an independent vegetable compartment for better and adjustable accommodation. 

This amazing refrigerator has smart features like a touchscreen controller along with nano titanium. Lastly, it has an eco-friendly refrigerant R-600a. You can get this gorgeous refrigerator with ৳2,68,600. 


Are Hitachi Multi-Door Refrigerators noisy?

Not really. The Hitachi Multi-door Refrigerators are manufactured to operate quietly. It ensures minimal disturbance in households as well as creates less impact on the environment. 

Are Hitachi Multi-Door Refrigerators easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, Hitachi Multi-door Refrigerators are constructed to clean and maintain easily. That's why there are removable and adjustable shelves and compartments for easy cleanup. Also, the frost-free technology automatically cleans the frost. 

Are Hitachi Multi Door Refrigerators energy-efficient?

Yes, Hitachi Multi-door refrigerators have advanced technology including dual cooling systems and inverters that enhance energy efficiency and have less power consumption. 

Bottom Line

In the world of all excellent Multi-door refrigerators, Hitachi stands strong for its reliable and unparalleled performance. The service, quality, style, and sustainability along with cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly operation, and elegant timeless design, these refrigerators exceed the expectations of the customers. Therefore, find the best suitable Hitachi Multi-door refrigerator for your taste and have freshness in every bite! 

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