How Air Conditioner Prices Vary: A Comprehensive Guide

How Air Conditioner Prices VaryHow Air Conditioner Prices Vary

Are you planning to purchase an air conditioner but feeling confused by the varying prices? Understanding why air conditioner prices fluctuate can help you make an informed decision. 

Well, prices depend on factors like brand reputation, cooling capacity, energy efficiency, and additional features. Well-known brands with advanced technology and high energy efficiency ratings usually cost more, while local brands and basic models offer more budget-friendly options.

By knowing what affects the cost, you can better match your needs with your budget. In this guide, we’ll help you to figure out what affects air conditioner prices and help you to choose the right air conditioner for you.

Types of Air Conditioners And Their Prices

Types of Air Conditioners And Their PricesTypes of Air Conditioners And Their Prices

Below we’ll be discussing the 4 common types of air conditioners and their price. 

Inverter Air Conditioners

One of the most common types of air conditioners is inverter air conditioners. They efficiently regulate temperature by adjusting compressor speed and provide consistent cooling and heating. They save energy, reduce noise, and extend the lifespan of the unit.

The inverter ac price in Bangladesh can vary brand-wise. However, a 1-ton inverter air conditioner should cost around 60K BDT and a 2-ton should cost around 90K BDT.

Non-Inverter Air Conditioners

After inverter, non-inverter air conditioners are quite popular due to their cheaper price. Unlike inverters, non-inverter air conditioners operate at fixed speeds, cycling on and off to maintain the desired temperature. They typically consume more energy, produce more noise, and offer less precise temperature control.

A 1-ton non-inverter AC should cost around 40-50K and a 2-ton non-inverter AC should cost you around 80K

Central Air Conditioning Systems

Central air conditioning systems cool entire buildings using a network of ducts. They provide consistent temperature control, improved air quality, and efficient energy use. Such air conditioners are ideal for large spaces.

Central Air Conditioning Systems pricing in Bangladesh should cost between BDT 2,00,000 and BDT 5,00,000 or more. It usually depends on the brand, capacity, and features. 

Portable Air Conditioners

A portable air conditioner is a self-contained portable system that can be moved between rooms. They are very easy to install and sit on the floor. They provide convenient, flexible cooling, and are ideal for temporary or supplemental cooling needs.

The price of portable air conditioners (PACs)  typically ranges between 25,000 BDT  to 70,000 BDT.

Air Conditioners Prices Based on Tonnage

In this section, we’ll be talking about the air conditioner price in Bangladesh for different tonnage. In Bangladesh, we usually use 1-ton, 1.5-ton, and 2-ton air conditioners for regular homes and offices. So, we’ll compare them.

1 Ton AC

When it’s a 1-ton AC the prices will vary depending on mainly 2 things first, whether it’s non=inverter or converter, and second brand. When it’s an inverter AC, a 1-ton inverter AC price in Bangladesh is between 55K to 75K BDT.

Again when it’s non-inverter the price ranges between 45K to 65K BDT. The more reputable the brand is, the price is higher. 

1.5 Ton AC

Now when it’s a non-inverter, the price of a 1.5-ton AC is around 65K to 85K BDT. And when it’s an inverter 1.5 ton AC then the price starts from 75K BDT and you can even find a few 135K BDT. 

2 Ton AC

2-ton air conditioners are for big rooms and offices and the price is slightly higher. You can get a 2-ton non-inverter AC from 75K to 100K BDT. Now, when it's an inverter the price range is between 90K to 150K BDT. 

How Air Conditioner Prices Vary In Term of Brands

In the previous section, you’ve seen air conditioners of the same tonnage come with different price tags and it’s because of the brand value. Now we’ll show you how brand value can influence the price of an air conditioner. 

Before we start, let's check out the price of some air conditioners of the same tonnage from different brands.

For instance, the eco+ AC 1.5-ton price in Bangladesh is 74,500 BDT but the SAMSUNG AC 1.5 TON (INVERTER) price is 85,700 BDT. Again when it’s Haier then it HAIER 1.5 TON WIFI-COOL INVERTER AC the price is 75,990 and when it’s LG DUAL INVERTER 1.5 TON AC, the price is 135,900 BDT

The main factor contributing to these price differences is the brand value and reputation. Top air conditioner brands like LG and Samsung are well-established and known for their quality and performance. As a result, they come with a higher price range. 

On the other hand, e+ and Haier are less reputed brands that offer more affordable options without compromising on quality. Aside from that, the prices also reflect the features and technology used in each model. Air conditioners with rich features usually cost more and reputable brands usually try to include all essential features in their models.

Factors Influencing Air Conditioner Prices

In this part, we’ll show you the factors that usually influence the prices of an air conditioner. So, continue exploring.

Brand Value and Reputation

Reputable brands like Samsung or LG Samsung offer high-quality products with advanced features which usually cost more than local brands. 

Local brands such as ECO+ provide almost the same product at an affordable price. However, sometimes the support and features can be somewhat limited.


The size of the room or space determines how much cooling is needed, which affects the price. For example:

  • A 1.5-ton AC is ideal for a room up to 150 square feet.
  • A 2-ton AC is suitable for cooling spaces up to 200 square feet.
  • Larger capacities are generally more expensive due to their enhanced cooling abilities.

Energy Efficiency

There are usually 2 types of air conditioners; inverter and non-inverter. Inverter ACs use less energy, saving up to 60% on electricity compared to non-inverter models. So they cost a higher initial price but offer long-term savings on electricity bills.

In the case of a non-inverter AC, the initial price is comparatively lower but the electricity consumption is higher. 

Market Competition

The prices of air conditioners in Bangladesh are influenced by market competition among various brands and retailers. Competitive pricing offers good quality at affordable prices and provides consumers with many choices.

Tips for Consumers

For consumers to get an air conditioner at a cheaper price we’ve got some tips for you, Let’s check this out.  

  • -Compare both international and local brands to find the best value.
  • -Choose an AC with the right cooling capacity for your room size.
  • -Opt for models with high EER ratings or inverter technology to save on electricity bills.
  • -Evaluate the importance of features like smart connectivity, air purifiers, and multiple cooling modes.
  • -Factor in the cost of installation for different types of ACs.
  • -Consider longer warranties for better long-term value and lower maintenance costs.
  • -Look for promotions and discounts from various retailers to get the best price.


Do installation costs affect air conditioner prices?

Yes, it can. Installation costs can vary depending on factors like the complexity of installation, location, and any additional materials required.

What is the Samsung AC price in Bangladesh?

Samsung 1-ton AC price in Bangladesh (inverter) is usually around 68,000 BDT and 2-ton AC is now 96,500 BDT. For more details, you can visit the House of Butterfly.

What is the LG AC Price in Bangladesh?

The price of LG AC is usually higher as most of their models are dual inverters. The 

LG DUAL INVERTER AC (1-TON) costs 90,890 BDT and the LG 2-ton AC price in Bangladesh is around 147,900 BDT.

What is the Haier AC Price in Bangladesh?

Haier 1-ton turbo cool AC usually will cost you around 47,990 BDT and HAIER 1.5 TON ANTIRUSTCOOL INVERTER AC costs around 73.990 BDT.

Are local brands of air conditioners in Bangladesh reliable compared to international brands?

Local brands in Bangladesh, such as ECO+, provide reliable and affordable options without compromising on quality. Now, international brands like LG, HAIER, and Samsung AC Bangladesh offer advanced features and higher quality. local brands can be a good alternative for budget-conscious consumers and offer a balance of performance and cost.


I think you’re now clear about the topic of how air conditioner prices vary in Bangladesh. We’ve mainly focused on a few important facts that affect the price range like brand, tonnage, and types.

So, now it’s your time to decide which air conditioner best suits your needs and budget. Remember to consider energy efficiency and additional features to get the best value for your money. Happy shopping!

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