How Air Conditioning Impacts Every Member of the Household!

How Air Conditioning Impacts Every Member of the Household!How Air Conditioning Impacts Every Member of the Household!

In recent years, the temperature has risen in a harmful ratio and hampers life. Now, heat heat-related diseases and complexities are in every family.

In these circumstances, modern air conditioners are the devices to ensure a cozy and safe indoor environment. Air conditioning saves the family members from short-term and long-term heat-related outcomes and illness. It prevents heatstroke, dehydration, exhaustion, and other respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Besides, air conditioning intensifies productivity and preserves belongings. Here, we go deep into the influences of air conditioning in the household. Don’t skip the article to learn the versatile usefulness of the air conditioning system.

Air Conditioners do More than We Think

Air Conditioners do more than we thinkAir Conditioners do more than we think

You may think air conditioners are just a cooling device. But it has a lot more functions you might be surprised by these:

Comfort: Air conditioners provide a comfortable indoor environment by regulating temperature and humidity. Thus AC units ensure relaxation and productivity throughout the day. You can set suitable temperature and humidity levels of your choice and weather demand.

Health: A properly functioning air conditioner helps to improve indoor air quality by filtering out pollutants, allergens, and airborne particles, reducing the risk of respiratory issues and allergies. 

Air conditioners can provide a comfortable indoor environment for exercise. You will like to run on the treadmill and work free weights at a suitable indoor temperature.  It will help to improve the health of your family members.

Sleep quality: Maintaining a comfortable bedroom temperature with an air conditioner promotes better sleep quality. Better sleep at night leads to improved overall health and well-being.


The productivity of men and machines is reduced in hot and uncomfortable weather. A comfortable indoor environment created by air conditioners enhances concentration and focus, which increase productivity in daily activities and work.

Furniture and Devices Safety: Electronic devices and furniture are temperature-sensitive. Air conditioners help to keep furniture, electronics, and other household items safe by controlling humidity and preventing mold growth. It reduces the risk of utensil damage due to excessive heat.

Food Conservation: Air conditioners play a crucial role in keeping rotatable food items by maintaining a definite temperature in refrigerators. It extends the shelf life of different food items and reduces food wastage. 

Psychological Welfare: A cold and refreshing indoor environment provided by an air conditioner reduces stress levels and promotes relaxation. It contributes to the overall psychological health of the household members.

Social Functions: Social gatherings in hot weather are embarrassing. Air conditioners maintain a comfortable atmosphere for hosting guests and entertaining them. It ensures everyone stays calm and enjoys the event without discomfort.

Energy Efficiency: Modern air conditioning units are energy-efficient. It helps you to save on electricity bills. So you have no tension of extra money at the end of the month.

Seasonal Transitions: Air conditioners ensure smooth transitions between seasons by heating during colder months and cooling during hot summers. Thus it ensures year-round comfort for household members.

The Impacts of Air Conditioning Systems on Household

The Impacts of Air Conditioning Systems on HouseholdThe Impacts of Air Conditioning Systems on Household

Air conditioning systems significantly affect the comfort and health of household members, including individuals of varying ages and pets. Understanding these impacts can help optimize home environments for everyone's well-being.

Impact On Children: 

New parents have concerns about their babies' air conditioning use. They sometimes ask, can you have AC with your baby?

Pediatrics suggests turning on the AC for your children or newborn rather than letting them overheat. Proper room temperature is necessary for your children's sleep. But you must be careful about their feelings as they can't say anything good or bad. Before turning on your ACs, proper precautions are necessary to avoid discomfort for your kids.

If you have any doubt, leave your baby at room temperature, especially for the newborn, and adjust him to a suitable air conditioning temperature gradually.

The doctor suggests 68 degrees to 72 degrees Fahrenheit for your baby to be comfortable.  

Impact On Elderly People:

Different organs of aged people become weak with age, making them more susceptible to uncomfortable temperatures. They can be affected by heat stroke due to the slowed-down heat-regulating glands and organs. Air conditioning is sometimes life-saving for the elderly, as it helps maintain a stable and comfortable indoor temperature, reducing the risk of heat-related illnesses. Additionally, air conditioning can improve air quality by filtering out pollutants and allergens, creating a healthier environment for elderly individuals with respiratory issues.

Impact On Couple or Parents:

Air conditioning gives lovely feelings for the couple and young people. Young guys feel more temperature than aged people and kids. So they feel comfortable with air conditioning. Couples can come to each other and make love with the AC system for relaxation and feelings.

Impact On Pets: 

Air conditioners have several benefits for those who have pets in their house. They love to live in a moderate and correct temperature that you can maintain with the air conditioner set. It helps to keep the house comfortable and safe for the cats and dogs. 

Set a temperature around 75 degrees Fahrenheit to keep your pets cool depending on their ages, furry coats, and more.

The benefits of AC for the pets in your house include:

  • -Fresh air circulation within the house that every pet must like.
  • -The temperature-controlling capacity to keep them cool even in the hot summer.
  • -AC helps to keep your pets inside the house.

Impact On Guests: 

Whenever guests visit your house, they like to stay in a comfortable room climate. Temperature control in any party is crucial for the guest's ease. 

A well-performing AC system can enhance the experience of your guests significantly in your house.

Air Conditioner is more than a Cooling Machine:

Have you ever considered how an air conditioner set keeps your home cool?  If not, let's make it clear. 

Air conditioning involves controlling at least four elements of your house.

  • -Air quality and cleanliness 
  • -Air humidity
  • -Temperature 
  • -Air Movement 

The purpose of air conditioners is to maintain the temperature at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and control the humidity level.

AC transfers the hot air from your house to lower the temperature level. The evaporator of the AC unit located in the air handler performs this function. 

The other heat transfer mechanism is the condenser unit settled outside the house. The air movement for the heat transfer is accomplished by a large blower settled inside the air handler.

Additionally, the AC unit blocks dust and allergens from coming inside the house. Thus, it works as a cooling machine and a safe and comfortable lifestyle companion.

Invest in Air Conditioner Accordingly

Invest in Air Conditioner AccordinglyInvest in Air Conditioner Accordingly

Whenever you decide to invest in air conditioning in your house, some questions must arise- which one should you buy, wall-mounted or portable? What should the BTUs be? Here are the guidelines to find the perfect AC according to your needs.

The latest air conditioner units have smart fans, remote controls, digital displays, timers, and smart fans to adjust your desired temps. 

However, you can select any one of these four main air conditioner types:

1. Window-mounted AC Unit:

If you live in an area of moderate weather, you can go for a cooling/heating unit or a cooling-only unit of this type AC. It resides in a window open. 

LG window-mounted AC can be the best option in this case.

Price: The price depends on the capacity. For a 100 square foot room, you will get around 30000 BDT, and for a 200 to 500 square foot room, you need above 40000 BDT.  

2. Wall-mounted AC:

These ACs stted permanently with walls using metal sleeves, and the chassis slid from the inside. It also arrives in cooling/heating or cooling-only varieties. 

Haier wall-mounted AC will exceed your expectations.


  • -Gorgeous outlook
  • -Secure fitting than the window type.
  • -No storage is necessary during the winter season.
  • -No obstacle to the sunlight. 

Price: You will get it in around 40000 BDT to cool your 400 to 700 square foot compartment. 

3. Wall/window-mounted AC:

You can install this versatile AC permanently on the wall or temporarily in the window. eco+ wall/window-type AC units can give you a premium experience. 


-Its major pros is its versatility of installation. You can use it temporarily on the window in any rental room and then install it permanently in your house.

Price: It may cost above 40000 BDT to cool a medium room.

4. Portable Air Conditioner: 

This air conditioner is movable from room to room using its wheels. A tube leaves the heat and exhaust out through a window or hole in the wall. 

Samsung portable ACs are popular.  


  • -Storing facility after ending the season. 
  • -Fit anytime and anywhere you need.

Samsung AC, LG AC, eco+ AC, and Haier AC are four popular names in Bangladesh. Visit any house of butterfly to select which one matches your needs.


 Some common frequently asked questions are:

Question: Is air conditioning good for your house?

Answer: An air conditioner is an effective way to control the temperature and humidity of the house. So, it is necessary to save the family members from high humidity and temps effects like allergies and asthma.

Question: What are the three important functions of the air conditioner?

Answer: Air conditioners have at least three functions. The first is to control the temperature and cool the room. Secondly, maintain healthy humidity. Thirdly, remove the moisture and filter the dust from the air.

Question: What is the important part of AC?

Answer: The compressor is the most important part of an AC. It is the engine of the air conditioner. The compressor has two parts pressure regulator component and the engine block. A compressor reduces the volume of the gasses by increasing pressure.

Question: Why is air conditioning the most important invention?

Answer: Most people think that the air conditioner is a luxury product. However, AC effectively impacts the productivity and economy of a country. It has made many inhospitable places habitable. It also improved food preservation and the medical system to save lives from hunger and diseases.

Question: How does air conditioning make life easier?

Answer: Air conditioning can reduce the risk of heat-related diseases like dehydration and heatstroke. Additionally, it can remove indoor air pollutants and allergens, maintain suitable humidity levels,  and improve air quality.

Bottom Line

The air conditioner is no longer a luxury device. It is now necessary for its different usefulness and health-related solutions.  Your house will be more comfortable and cozy for the members with the cool air and moderate indoor climate. So never hesitate to install the air conditioner in the summer.  

The inverter technology of the AC reduces the power consumption and the electricity bills. Hence, be relaxed with the month-end cost due to AC installation. Enjoy a cold and safe life with air conditioning.

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