How to Keep your Food Odor Free in eco+ Refrigerator

The primary goal of using a refrigerator is to keep your food and other perishables fresh and edible for a longer period of time. But just stuffing your fridge with anything and everything coming out of your grocery bag is not the right way. Different types of food require distinct ways of preservation. And some food and food elements even need special attention, to keep them in their optimum state of freshness

House of Butterfly provides multiple brands with amazing features to keep food Fresh.  eco+ is its own manufactured brand and has already earned a reputation in the market. eco+ Refrigerator features Multi-Air Flow which ensures balanced temperature, so the stored food gets proper cooling. This technology ensures Fresh Food for a longer period.

In this article, we are going to look at how your refrigerator develops mal odor, how odor from one element transfers to another, the bad effects of such odors, the importance of keeping the fridge odor-free, and finally how can you keep your fridge in the freshest and clean condition by following some simple and easy steps.

Reason for Food Odor

Presence of Spoiled Food: The primary reason behind the spread of any foul smell within your refrigerator, ultimately transferring it to the rest of your stored products, is the presence of any spoiled food. Easily perishable items, such as dairy, fruits, and vegetables often have an expiration date within short notice and need to be removed before they start spoiling/rotting.

Pungent Smell: Another reason for odor in your fridge contents, could be the storage of some ingredients and products having a very potent and pungent smell. Items such as halved, diced, or blended onions, garlic, and ginger could give rise to the spread of a strong odor across the refrigerator if not stored properly. Moreover, raw meat, fish, and even marinated fish, meats, and vegetables can also spread odor to products such as eggs and dairy.

Unclean Containers: Furthermore, storage of products in unclean containers can also cause them to have bad odors. The refrigerator itself needs to be in clean and fresh condition so that they do not become host to mal odors.

All these different reasons result in foods that are in fact in perfect condition having a foul or undesirable smell, making them inedible. And hence it is not only important to invest in a proper refrigeration system, but it is also essential to take proper maintenance of your home appliance and its contents.

Easy Household Techniques to Keep Food Fresh

Now, let us look at some of the simplest and most easily accessible household techniques to keep your food free from unwelcome odor. No matter which brand of refrigerator you use, you can prevent mal odor.

Identify the Cause to Prevent Food Odor: It is the first step to know if any of the contents to be stored in the refrigerator could potentially cause any sort of odor. Then, it will get easier to determine how to store that specific product properly.

Use Airtight Containers: It is a must for products such as diced or blended onion, garlic, and ginger to be stored in airtight glass containers, or containers having thick enough walls so that no odor can escape into the outer environments. For this, the practice of using cling wrap, or aluminum foils to wrap the spices, or even marinated food elements on the go has to be stooped. A little time saved here could cause severe mal odor in your refrigerator-that would not only create a lingering long-term effect but also require a lot of time and energy to clean afterward.

Regularly Check for the Expiry Date: Our work does not simply end after stuffing the store-bought goods into the fridge. Many times that slice of cheese stored at the back of the refrigerator can cause of terrible odor ruining the rest of the neighboring foods. We must occasionally keep a check on the items stored, giving more attention to perishables or, old products.

Maintaining the Right Temperature: As mentioned earlier, some products require special care and must be stored at the right temperature and moisture required for them. Moreover, it should also be noted if the refrigerator is running properly at an adequate temperature all the time. It is a very common scenario to face load shedding, where some might last longer than expected, In those scenarios, it must be checked if the refrigerator is cooling the items properly, or they must be shifted to the proper temperature before they spoil.

Cleaning the Shelves & Compartments: Aside from storing items in clean and dry containers, the shelves and compartments within the refrigerator must be taken out at regular intervals and cleaned properly. Previously held materials having a bad odor could also result in new items carrying a similar odor.

Sanitizing from Time to Time: Frequent sanitization should be done within the refrigerators, i.e. in and around the walls, the doors, etc. Even the containers of the items should also be sanitized occasionally if kept in the refrigerator for a long time.

Keeping it Dry: Besides being clean, it is also necessary to maintain a dry environment within the refrigerator. It is best advised to store fruits and vegetables, even containers after cleaning and drying them properly. The additional water content on their bodies not only tampers with the humidity and moisture of the inside atmosphere but also sometimes contributes to spoiling the contents faster and spreading mal odor.


Maintaining some basic standards will make your refrigerator fresh regardless of the Brand you buy. In addition, there are some refrigerators that ensure Hygiene Fresh Technology, and even cooling for preventing food odor and bacteria.

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