You can avail Kisti (Hire Purchase) facility from all Butterfly showroom’s:

Enjoy buying TV, fridge, AC or any other home appliances through Kisti (Hire Purchase) without credit card.

Benefits of purchasing products through Kisti (Hire Purchase):

* 15% Down Payment

* 0% interest for 180 days (6 months) Kisti (Hire Purchase) facility

* Up to 18 months Kisti (Installment) facility

* Kisti (Installment) facility without credit card

* Selective products have 330 days installment facility. To know more, click here

Terms and Conditions:

* When buying products through Kisti (Hire purchase), a form will be given from Butterfly showroom and all the required information of the form must be filled.

Must bring the following documents while filling the form

* 2 copies of recent passport size photo.

* National ID card (with photocopy).

* If you previously bought any product from Butterfly Marketing Ltd. in Kisti (Hire purchase), then what you bought, when you bought it, from which showroom you bought it.

* Names and addresses of two persons who are not your relatives who will be the guarantor and willing to pay the arrears in your absence.

This offer only applies to all the Butterfly showroom customers.

We have 220+ showrooms all over the country for your convenience. Please click below to find any showroom:

* Butterfly Marketing Limited reserves all the right to change, extend or cancel the offer at any time.

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