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LG Inverter ACLG Inverter AC

Nowadays, it's impossible to imagine a smart household without an air conditioner. Even more so in the summer season. As time progresses, newer and better innovations keep the AC market fresh and competitive. LG’s inverter technology is one such innovation that has drastically revolutionized the AC market. 

The inverter technology focuses on saving energy. It accomplishes that by controlling the motor speed directly. Since it can control motor speed automatically, it also increases the lifespan of an AC. 

Since LG introduced its inverter air conditioners, they have added more features. Combined with those features, LG inverter ACs are some of the best picks in the market. In this guide, we will discuss the inverter technology and some of its features in detail.

What are LG Inverter AC and LG Dual Inverter AC? Is There a Massive Difference?

Looking up LG air conditioners, and you’ll see many different products. Some of them are labeled as LG inverter AC. While the others are called LG dual inverter air conditioners. You will also find non-inverter air conditioners as well. 

This will raise some questions if you’re new to inverter technology. If you’re confused, no need to worry. We’ve made a small chart to make it as easy to understand as possible. Let’s have a look- 


LG Non-Inverter AC

LG Inverter AC

LG Dual Inverter AC

Buying Price




Energy Consumption












Maintenance Cost




From the table, you can see that there are both advantages and disadvantages to all three AC types. Among them, dual inverter ACs provide the most performance. 

LG Dual Inverter ACLG Dual Inverter AC

Energy Consumption

If you want to spend as little energy as possible, you’ll have to go with LG inverter air conditioners. You can then save further by getting an LG dual inverter AC instead.

LG inverter air conditioners use a smart feature to control the motor’s rotation speed. Doing that can increase or decrease the rotation speed based on the set temperature. 

LG’s dual inverter AC can do that with more ease because of the twin rotary compressors. Because the motors have to spin less to gain the desired temperature. Because of that, it can save up to 70% energy compared to an inverter AC. 


Buying an AC is not cheap, so people prefer an AC with a longer lifespan. Compared to a non-inverter AC, an LG inverter AC will have better durability. 

But when you bring dual inverter ACs into the comparison, it blows everything out of the park. Since the dual inverter AC has to spin significantly less, they are less prone to damage. 

Noise Levels

A good air conditioner can keep the room cool while being quiet. A loud AC is always bothersome and not preferred.

Among all types of air conditioners, you will always find LG inverter ACs the quietest. For most people, it should be more than enough. But there is another option that offers you an even quieter experience. 

Since LG’s dual inverter ACs vibrate less thanks to dual compressors, it is super quiet. If you’re looking for total silence, LG dual inverter air conditioners are your best choice. Both LG inverter and dual inverter ACs are more expensive than traditional ACs. However, they offer the highest value proposition in the market.

6 Tempting Features Why You Should Pick An LG Inverter Air Conditioner

So far we have seen how amazing the inverter technology has been for LG ACs. But it's not just the technology that keeps LG ahead in the AC market. LG ACs come with a lot of useful built-in features that further improve the user experience. That being said, let’s check them out.

Plasmaster™ Ionizer

Dirty air circulation will cause mold in your ventilation systems. Other than that there’s also the possibility of bacteria growth in your system. LG’s Plasmaster Ionizer is a great solution to this bacteria problem.

The LG ionizer air conditioner uses negative ions to remove the small particles. Those negative ions also grab bacteria and viruses to keep the air fresh. The reduction of bacteria in the air increases your living experience. The testing company, TUV Rheinland has verified the Plasmaster Ionizer's bacteria reduction.

Besides, It can help reduce odor problems if there are any. The ions also work as a deodorant which can reduce mental stress. With Plasmaster Ionizer, your LG AC will keep the air healthy and fresh at all times. 

Up to 70% Energy Savings 

The biggest advantage of buying an LG inverter air conditioner is the energy-saving feature. This is without a doubt the best feature because you will be saving a lot of bills in the long run.
With an LG inverter AC, you can save up to 70% of energy. LG’s inverter technology uses a single-rotary compressor device. It can control the speed of the device based on the room temperature. It can also depend on the refrigerant and the target temperature. 

Dual Inverter Compressor™

If you think inverter AC isn’t enough, you can take it a step further. For a premium price, LG offers you dual inverter air conditioners. These ACs come with dual inverter compressors that can cool your room faster.
Besides fast cooling, they are also quieter than inverter ACs and non-inverter ACs. Quieter ACs are better for sleeping and reduced noise is healthy for nerves.
They are efficient and prone to less wear and tear in the long run. The high durability pays off for homeowners who are making a big purchase.

ThinQ™ (Wi-Fi)

LG has incorporated a smart feature called the AI ThinQ app. This app allows your smartphone to be an optional remote to control LG appliances. You can also use your voice to give commands as well. 

LG ThinQ AppLG ThinQ App

LG inverter air conditioners come with the AI ThinQ app by default. Thanks to that, you only require a remote some of the time to set the temperature. Simply ask your what temperature you want and the ThinQ app will set it right away! 

Jet Cool

In summer days, there can be excessive heat and you want to be cooled as fast as possible. To bring that instant comfort, LG inverter ACs have a feature called Jet Cool. 

The Jet Cool technology makes the LG AC release a strong force of cool air. It’s done at a very high speed for 30 minutes regardless of room and target temperature. If you need your room cooled as fast as possible, utilize the Jet Cool feature. It’s the best thing you can ask for in the hot summer. 

Gold Fin (CU) Condenser

Since the condenser is always running and dealing with defrost, it wears out fast. To lengthen its lifespan, LG uses a coating system called Gold Fin coating. 

There are a couple of coatings that manufacturers use to keep the condenser coils intact. There are Blue Fin and Gold Fin coatings which are commonly found. However, Gold Fin coating is notably better than Blue Fins and lasts longer.
The coating improves the condensation and airflow capabilities of the condenser. It can also help retain heat which accelerates the defrosting process. Because of that, there’s less chance of getting rust in the condenser system. 

Thanks to these features, LG inverter ACs can provide the utmost comfort at a very low energy cost. 

How To Use the LG ThinQ App? 

Using the LG ThinQ app is super easy. You simply have to follow some instructions and download the app from the app store. Here is a step-by-step guide to using the ThinQ app-

  • -Download the LG ThinQ app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. If you’re on an Android device, pick Google Play. For Apple devices like iPhones, use the app store. 
  • -Register an account in the LG ThinQ app with an email. 
  • -You can now enter the app and choose a connection method. Make sure you connect it to the WiFi of your room. 
  • -There are two ways to connect a device; a manual option and a QR option. For the QR option, simply find the QR code on the LG AC or any other appliance and scan the code. The rest will be automatic. 
  • -The manual option requires you to scan the area for a device. You then have to follow onscreen instructions and put in the correct WiFi network and password.

And that’s it. You can now utilize the ThinQ feature and control any LG appliance with a phone. Remember to use the voice control feature for further comfort!

Why is the LG Inverter Air Conditioner the Best In the Market? 

LG has been leading the technology and appliance market for more than two decades. The reason behind their extreme success has always been their unmatched innovation. 

In air conditioning, every brand is trying to include their features to make their product tempting. LG’s inverter technology has reduced the total energy consumption by 70% which can't be ignored. Besides, a customer always wants the best comfort and that is a department that LG ACs dominate. 

Right now, LG Inverter air conditioners are the best bang for your buck.

Why is Investing In LG Inverter AC a Wise Decision? 

Since purchasing an air conditioner is expensive, many homeowners often have to think twice. That’s fine and reasonable. A lot of homeowners see buying an AC as an investment move. 

An expensive air conditioner often puts out the most benefits in the long run. Getting an LG Inverter AC is a wise decision because of its long service and parts warranty. It can set you back during the purchase. But its 10-year warranty service combined with the features is a great investment overall.


Question: Is Inverter AC better?

Answer: If you want to enjoy strong cooling performance with great energy-saving, Inverter AC is the best. Buying one may be expensive but it will pay off eventually.

Question: Which is better Inverter AC or Split AC?

Answer: Split ACs have different motor speeds than inverter ACs. There are also differences in price, features, and energy consumption. An inverter AC is the best pick because its compressors and condensers will last longer.

Question: Why does the inverter AC cool slowly?

Answer: If an Inverter AC is cooling slowly, it's due to energy-saving features. Simply use the fast cooling option and it’ll work like traditional ACs with greater energy consumption for a limited time.


LG Inverter ACs have changed the AC market forever. They are now cheaper and more affordable for average buyers. It's almost impossible to go wrong with an LG Inverter AC. If you want to check them out yourself, please visit House of Butterfly. We offer the best LG air conditioner price in Bangladesh.

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