Samsung Inverter AC is the AC you are Searching for!

Samsung Air ConditionerSamsung Air Conditioner

The air conditioner markets are flooded with different products. So, purchasing a reliable and efficient air conditioner is very challenging. Samsung has brought smart, environment-friendly, and energy-efficient air conditioners to ensure a comfortable purchasing experience. 

If we look a few years back from here, we see only one type of AC i.e. the conventional one. Now, you will get a new and advanced AC called the inverter AC with many features and advantages. Samsung air conditioner has brought smart technology inverter AC. Samsung inverter air conditioner is highly energy efficient and user friendly.

Our effort is to help our visitors to clear their concepts before making any purchase. So here we are to explain everything about the Samsung Inverter AC.

Samsung Inverter AC:

Samsung is the industry leader in air conditioner manufacturing. Samsung Inverter Air Conditioners offer high cooling performance and energy efficiency. It is an ideal choice for homes, offices, and commercial spaces. Samsung Electronics started their AC business with the Residential Air Conditioners (RAC). 

Since then they have been involved in AC development and research. Now Samsung is a state-of-the-art technology-based inverter AC manufacturer. Samsung inverter AC is the perfect choice for its performance and conservation of energy.

Samsung AC- CozynessSamsung AC- Cozyness

Inverter Air Conditioners have a circuit to convert AC power to DC and then turn it back again into AC. Thus it changes the voltage and the frequency which ensures the compressor rotational speed control and regulates the AC output. It has powerful heating and cooling performance with low power consumption.

Features of Samsung Inverter AC:  

First, let’s look over the amazing features of it briefly. Then we discuss some features in detail for better understanding.

  • -Eight Pole Technology-based digital inverter
  • -Digital Inverter Boost Technology
  • -Digital Display
  • -Fast Cooling 
  • -Triple-level care filter
  • -Easy cleaning
  • -Energy Saving Technology
  • -Filter Plus Twin Tube Muffler
  • -AI Energy Mode
  • -Smart, Automatic, and Comfortable
  • -Voice and Touch Control
  • -Anti-Corrosion Durafin Condenser Easy
  • -Triple Layer Protection Plus Technology 
  • -Efficient Energy Usage Monitoring System
  • -Personalized Welcome Cooling System
  • -Eco-Friendly Cooling System with No Impact Ozone 
  • -Four-Way Swing Function
  • -15 Meters Long Free Metal(copper) Pipe

Why Invest in Samsung Inverter AC? 

Investing in Samsung Inverter AC is worth its cost and it's an absolute home solution. Samsung smart inverter air conditioners can provide the set temperature quickly, saving energy. Now let’s dive into why the Samsung Inverter AC is best.

Samsung Inverter ACSamsung Inverter AC

Fast Cooling: 

Samsung inverter AC has a fast cooling feature to cool you quickly from corner to corner. It uses digital inverter technology which cools 43% faster. It also has a 15% larger fan, 31% wider blade, and 18% wider edge. So cold air scattered faster and wider to reach out up to 15 meters from the AC unit.

Easy Cleaning and Automatic Dust Removal: 

The Samsung inverter AC allows easy cleaning with minimal effort. It uses copper-made anti-bacterial filters to remove bacteria.  Samsung Electronics AC uses a dense mesh technique to keep the heat exchanger clean. The yarn made of copper metal reduces harmful bacteria up to 99%. 

Energy Saving: 

Samsung uses digital inverter boost technology to save energy and money. It fluctuates less to maintain the desired temperature. The muffler and strong magnet system run efficiently and create less vibration and noise. After all, it lessens energy consumption by up to 73%.

Smart, Automatic, and More Comfortable: 

The AI auto-cooling technology ensures an intelligent living facility. This technology automatically operates in different modes depending on the usage patterns and room conditions. It switches automatically to the suitable mode based on the preferred temperature to sustain the optimal situations.

Simple and smart Control with voice and touch:

You can control the Samsung smart AC from anywhere and anytime using the SmartThings Application. It allows monitoring and control remotely by touch. You can use voice recognition assistant apps like Amazon Alexa, Samsung Bixby, or Google Assistant to tell the AC what you need to do. The app even suggests useful settings.

The applications are available both on IOS and Android devices.  A Samsung account and net connection are required to use it. Bixby is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) owned by Samsung. 

Energy Use Monitoring System:   

App-based energy consumption monitoring system controls energy usage and reduces electricity bills. The monitoring system is named “SmartThing Energy”. Whenever the targeted energy use exceeds, it automatically adjusts the energy usage in the smart home appliances.

It also has an AI Energy Mode that learns about your usage pattern and analyzes the room condition to adjust the room temperature and compressor frequency. Thus it saves up to 20% of energy.

Personalized Welcome Cooling System:

Everyone tries to be cool asap entering the house during the hot summer season. The SmartThings App can monitor your location by using your smartphone's GPS tracking. When you are at the preset distance, it sets and maintains the room temperature at your desired level automatically, by the preferred settings and mode selection. Thus it gives you cool weather from coming into your room.

Anti-Corrosion Durafin Condenser: 

The DuraFin+ condenser of Samsung Inverter AC is manufactured with totally corrosion-free metal to prevent rusting. The DuraFin technology ensures the maximum performance and durability of the heat exchanger. 

The corrosion resistance of the metal was tested by the SST (Salt Spray Test) for over 480 hours.

Highly Secured Protection (Triple Protector Plus Technology): 

Samsung AC performance is long-lasting in challenging weather due to its Triple Protector Plus (TPP) Technology. 

The TPP technology protects the AC from any kind of power surges and variable electrical currents without using external voltage stabilizers. The corrosion-free coating of the cabinet and condenser protects from any harsh and rough environments.

Environment-Friendly Cooling System with No Ozone Impact: 

Samsung Electronics always keeps an eye on climate change and protects the environment. It uses modern generation R32 refrigerant that has a very low influence on the Ozone layers. Thus it helps to lessen global warming than the conventional R410A and R22 refrigerants.

Four-Way Swing Function:

Samsung Inverter AC ensures a cozy environment maintaining an even temperature in each corner of the room. Its four-way swing system lets the user control the direction of the air and scatter the air automatically in all directions.

It also has an automatic up-and-down swing system as well as a left-right swing function.

Benefits of Using Samsung Inverter AC:

Samsung inverter ACs have some amazing advantages and benefits over the conventional ACs. It offers higher energy efficiency, faster cooling, soundless operation, and better temperature control.

Most importantly it reduces the energy bill by up to over 70% by using its smart inverter technology.

Samsung Inverter AC BenefitsSamsung Inverter AC Benefits

Brand Value: 

Samsung is the most renowned air conditioner brand worldwide. Samsung has over 90 billion brand value. They are recognized and consistent in the customer experience strategy. Samsung Electronics ranked as the top five global brands. So you can choose Samsung as a brand of your choice.

After Sales Service: 

Samsung settled 41 service points all over Bangladesh for the after-sales service. They have fully trained staff and use original Samsung parts in every repair and claim.

Samsung Bangladesh has a 24/7 phone support system, face-to-face support at the service center, Email support, and WhatsApp support.  Also Butterfly Group helpline - 16571 is always active to reach out.

How to Clean or Maintain Samsung Inverter AC: 

Cleaning and maintenance help to increase the lifespan of AC. It also ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency. Follow the below simple steps to clean  your AC-

  • -First, turn off the power to the AC by unplugging it from the electrical outlet.
  • -Then remove the front grille and filter and clean them using a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris. Clean the filter thoroughly using a mild detergent and water solution. Rinse it with clean water and allow it to dry completely before reinserting.
  • -Thirdly, wipe the exterior surfaces of the AC with a wet cloth.
  • -Fourthly, check the condenser coil for any dirt or obstruction. Clean it using a soft brush or compressed air.
  • -Inspect the drainage pipe for any blockages. Clear them if necessary to ensure proper drainage.
  • -Finally, plug in the AC unit and turn the power on.  After all, ensure everything is functioning correctly. 

Samsung Air Conditioner Price in Bangladesh:

The Samsung ACs price in Bangladesh ranges from TK 58,000 onwards ( Price can SLightly vary). The cost varies on several factors, including the AC's tonnage capacity, technological features, and whether it is an inverter or non-inverter model.

Samsung Inverter Air Conditioner Price in Bangladesh:

The price range of Samsung Inverter ACs starts from around 60,000 BDT. They will rise depending on the different features and capacity of the AC. 

The House of Butterfly always offers Samsung AC for its customers at an attractive price. So visit any House of Butterflies today to purchase your AC before the upcoming hot summer.


Here are some of the most commonly asked FAQs on the Samsung ACs.

Question: How do I reset my Samsung inverter AC?

Answer: Very Simple, first unplug it and plug in it again after 30 Seconds for resetting. Your AC will be restarted automatically.

Question: Does Samsung have an inverter AC?

Answer: Yes, Samsung has a highly efficient inverter AC. The ACs are exceptionally economical to operate.

Question: Why buy AC with an inverter?

Answer: Inverter ACs use the latest technology to save energy. It has a motor controlling system to regulate the motor speed which eliminates wasted operation.

Question: Are Samsung Inverter ACs suitable for large rooms or commercial spaces?

Answer: Yes, Samsung has different capacity inverter AC to suit commercial spaces and room sizes. You will get suitable sizes for your small bedroom and large living room.

Question: Does inverter AC save electricity?

Answer: Yes, inverter ACs save up to 30% more electricity than the non-inverter ACs. Inverter ACs use variable-speed compressors to save energy. Variable compressor makes less noise also.

Bottom Line

Samsung Inverter AC is the perfect solution for every household and office needs. It offers comfortable and cozy room temperature with its advanced technology, innovative features, and superior performance. Its renowned brand value and excellent after-sales service ensure you are investing in a reliable and trusted product. So don’t wait to purchase your AC unit. Visit any House of Butterfly to experience and know Samsung Inverter ACs.

If you have any further queries on it, leave a comment in the comment section. We will be back with the answer ASAP. 

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