Solve Refrigerator Uniform Cooling Problem

The need to keep your food and other perishable items last longer gave rise to the creation of countless ideas over centuries. The ultimate goal was to increase the shelf life of the edibles and also to keep them fresh for longer. Nowadays it has become an essential appliance for any household.

It was to no one’s surprise that storing such items in a cold temperature was the answer to these needs. But how a cold temperature, specifically designed for storage be developed was a major concern. Added to that were both commercial and domestic demands for such an appliance. This need puts forward the importance of cooling and how it also helps to keep bacteria growth at bay, keeping your food in edible condition.

Cooling Technology of Refrigerator

With the passage of time, the cooling techniques have been modified and augmented to give the perfect solution to generations over the years.

Currently, refrigeration is one of the most common priorities across all households, as it is directly linked to the basic human need for food and sustenance. But with the progress of technology, the rise in population, and demographic and psychological shifts in consumer preferences, simply using cooling techniques in refrigerators will not be enough.

Refrigerators Even Cooling Technology

Scientists and technicians have been working for the past decades to perfect the cooling process used in refrigerators and other home appliances. The most efficient way to ensure proper cooling across the storage compartment of your fridge is Even Cooling.

To understand better what even cooling refers to, we must first be aware of how a basic cooling process works. In refrigerators, a refrigerant (liquid) circulates insides via tubes and changes into a gas as it escapes. The new gas is of extremely cold temperature and it travels across the valves. This process, called evaporation, cools the surrounding area and produces the desired effect.

Now, usually, a general refrigerator has a single opening to release the gaseous refrigerant in order to lower the temperature within the compartment. The issue here is that most household and commercially used appliances have multiple shelves and other smaller compartments within them. Moreover, the storage of different products, be it groceries, meats, dairy, etc. also prevents the equal distribution of cooling.

This is where even cooling technology comes into play. It is an upgraded technique of airflow across the refrigerator, developed to ensure equal distribution of adequate cold temperature throughout. Even cooling, simply put, is a technique that ensures a smooth and equal flow of air and cooling across the entire compartment, reaching every shelf, and every corner, so that none of your stored items are neglected.

What Happens When Your Refrigerator Does Not Cool Evenly

We have already established the importance of uniform cooling, but let us now shift our focus toward what happens when your refrigerator does not cool evenly. No one would like to have rotten food.

Imagine having your cooked food frozen to ice, while your soft drink or fruit juice stored on the shelves on the door-side does not even get chilled. It gets worse when your dairy products do not get adequate cooling. As dairy products have an extremely limited shelf life and tend to waste in warmer temperatures, they need more precise attention that uneven cooling cannot provide.

Even if we are talking about fruits, vegetables, and other kinds of fresh produce, they are easily perishable and need an appropriate temperature to provide optimum cooling in keeping their freshness intact. Keeping them in extremely cold temperatures will also tamper with their freshness as the warmer temperature would make them wilt.

Lack of even cooling also results in delayed cooling, hence impeding the storage process on time. This also gives rise to a pungent smell and even the growth of bacteria in the food. But how can modern refrigerators overcome this obstacle?

Solve the Cooling Problem

Now that we have come to know all about the problems arising from uneven cooling within the fridge, we need to look at how we can prevent them. Now, the traditional cooling outlets within refrigerators cannot be altered or the cooling process cannot be manually modified. If you are one of those consumers who have been facing these issues regarding cooling, it is high time you invest in an innovative yet wallet-friendly refrigerator.

The current market has countless options to choose from. But just meeting the need for cooling will not be enough. LG brings to you a wide array of refrigerators catering to the multiple needs of varied demographic and psychographic groups. You just need to pick the right one for your purpose. House of Butterfly provides innovative home appliances to pick the perfect one.

LG Refrigerator

LG refrigerators have always been the pioneer in providing the utmost satisfaction to consumers. With that aim in view, our refrigerators have incorporated the latest technologies over the years. In order to ensure uniform cooling two of the most recent technological adoptions in the refrigerators include, including DoorCooling+TM and Multi Air Flow facilities have been built inside LG refrigerators. Let us look deeper into what these features provide and how they help to give the best refrigeration experience.


DoorCooling+TM is a comparatively new addition to LG refrigerators, where the cool air flow is generated from where the compartment door is located. Aside from the regular cooling outlets located at the back of the compartment, this feature allows a multifaceted air flow throughout the fridge. Now the edibles and perishables stored on the door of the fridge will also get equivalent attention. Moreover, the traditional placements in which the commodities placed at the back end usually used to get cold quickly, and over freeze, can be avoided. Now the commodities stored within will receive all-around low-temperature airflow, ensuring even cooling across the compartment.

Multi Air Flow

As discussed above, the door cooling technology has added a new dimension to the overall airflow within the refrigerator. But LG refrigerators promise more than that. The traditional airflow outlets located at the back side of the compartment have also been remodeled in such a manner, that a fresh and even amount of airflow is supplied throughout the different levels and trays of storage. The previous tendency of generating airflow from a single outlet did not properly cool all the commodities, and the delay in cooling often hampered the shelf-life of the products. Moreover, with every opening of the refrigerator doors, a certain amount of loss of cool air would occur, which would again take a while to be transmitted throughout the compartment.


Now that we are aware of the importance of even cooling, and all the additional perks associated with it, we can make a more informed decision while purchasing one of the most essential home appliances. 

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