Great news!!

Butterfly has launched "Try and Buy" offer.

Try specific products within the given time and buy if you like them.


"Try & Buy" offer is available now for :


Washing Machine (Accept Samsung Washing machine on current offer)


Visit your nearest Butterfly showroom to avail this offer.

Terms and Conditions :

# Applicable for TVs & Washing Machine (Accept Samsung Washing Machine) of All Brands.

# Maximum 15 calendar day’s free trial, customer can return earlier if s/he wants.

# Customer must return the product in full fresh condition with reasonable ground, no physical fault is allowed while returning a Product. If found customer must purchase the product.

# Carton and inside Foam should be in fresh condition during returning the product, otherwise customer must purchase the product.

# If satisfied, customer must purchase the TV/Washing Machine which was used for trial.

# Company will provide free installation & uninstallation, if customer install, uninstall and repair the product by any unauthorized technician/person then the product shall not be returned.

# In case of 32” & Below size TV free installation will not applicable.

# Company reserves the rights to change and alter any terms and conditions of the campaign at any point of time.

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