Where to Place the TV in Home? - Figure Out The Sweet Spot

So, recently you have planned to purchase a new TV. Right now, everything is set except the position of the TV. You must not want to ruin the overall beauty of the room just by placing the TV in the wrong location. 

I know you don’t want to, rather you’re thinking of using the TV as a decorative item. So, now your concern is where to place the TV at home.

If the TV is for the dining room then angle the TV toward the dining table so that everyone gets a proper view. Next,  if it’s for a drawing room then placing it in the southeast direction would be the best. Now, for a bedroom, mount the TV above the dresser at the foot of the bed. Finally, for a kitchen, you can place the TV above the cabinet or in a built-in cabinet. 

Thinking about what to do for a Victorian living room, or for a living room with lots of windows? No worries, just go through this article and you’ll get a complete guide on this topic.

Where to Place the TV in Home?

After reading this segment, almost 100% of your confusion will be gone. Now, before I start, the answer will vary from person to person. For example, if your target is bedroom TV watching then you’ll have to consider the type of bedroom. Again if the target is the dining room or living room then the placement guide will be different. 

Aside from that, it will also depend on the size of the room, the area of the wall, and the TV size. The size of the TV affects both the decoration as well as cost. However, if you purchase a large-size TV, get the best television price, as the larger ones sometimes come with discounts. 

Below, I’ve added a quick overview table then I’ll explain everything in detail. 


Room Type

Best Placement Guide

Drawing room

Southeast direction, igneous angle


Mounted it on the wall above a dresser

Dining room

Angle towards the dining table

Small living room

On a wall that is facing the main seating area.

Living room with lots of windows 

Mount at any angle that is not directly facing the windows.

Living room with a fireplace

Above the fireplace

Victorian living room

Above the fireplace


Above the cabinet

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Where to Place the TV in the Drawing room

Let’s start with the drawing room. When placing a TV in a drawing room, it's important to consider the room layout and the viewing angles for the people in the room. Here are a few tips on where to place the TV:

  • -The first option is to mount it on the wall. This is the most popular option as it saves floor space and can be easily adjusted for optimal viewing angles. If there is a sofa in the middle of the drawing-room, the TV should be placed in the opposite direction of the sofa. Make sure both the sofa and TV placement are in the middle of the drawing room. 
  • -Next, you can place it on a TV stand or media console. If you want flexibility in positioning then this is the most suitable option. It can also provide storage for other media devices.
  • -Another option is to incorporate it into the built-in shelving. This can be a great way to blend the TV into the room and make it feel like a design element rather than a standalone object.
  • -Finally, if there is a cupboard, you should place the TV at an igneous angle such as in the southeast direction. Normally it is better if you buy a bigger screen TV with High Picture quality like LG OLED Television or Samsung Qled television.

Where to Place the TV in the Bedroom

Placing a TV in the bedroom shouldn’t be a big hassle for you. Below I am adding some tips on playing TV in the bedroom.

  • -Just like the previous one, you can place the TV on a media console or TV stand at the foot of the bed.
  • -Another easy option is it can be mounted on the wall above a dresser or chest of drawers.
  • -Next, you can place them in a corner of the room on a swiveling mount
  • -Finally, you can set the TV In a built-in alcove or niche

Where to Place the TV in the Dining Room?

While placing a TV in the dining room you should consider different things. Remember in the dining room people will be sitting in different directions. So, the TV direction is important. Let’s see where to set it.

  • -The best option is to angle the TV towards the dining table so that everyone can see it comfortably.
  • -Also, make sure that the TV is mounted at eye level or slightly lower when seated at the dining table.

Where to Place the TV in a Living Room?

So the living room positioning direction is different for you. Let’s understand where you should place the TV in the living room.

It is generally recommended to place a TV in the middle of a wall because the viewing angle is important. The viewing angle and distance from the seating area are important to ensure a comfortable viewing experience.

Where to Place the TV in a Small Living Room?

Now let’s get the best positions for your TV in a small living room. 

  • -The best location to place a TV in a small living room is on a wall that is facing the main seating area. This will ensure that everyone in the room has a good view of the TV as well as the decoration will look good.
  • -Now, if there’s limited wall space, consider a corner TV stand or a hanging wall-mounted cabinet to save space. 

NB: If you’re highly concerned about room decoration consider the living room TV cabinet design and TV box design.

Where to Place the TV in a Living Room with Lots of Windows?

The problem arises when your living room has lots of windows. In such a living room, TV placement is a big hassle. Don’t worry, below I’ve added solutions for you. 

When placing a TV in a living room with lots of windows, it is best to position it in a location that minimizes glare from the windows. Well, you can place the TV at an angle that is not directly facing the windows. Or you can install window treatments such as blinds or curtains to reduce the amount of natural light entering the room.

Where to Place a TV in a Kitchen

If a TV is necessary for the kitchen then there are several options for you. Below, I’ve added a few options for placing a TV in a kitchen.

  • -The first and easiest option is to place the TV above the cabinets. Placing a TV above the cabinets can save -counter space as well as keep the TV out of the way of food preparation.
  • -Do you have a built-in cabinet in the kitchen for the TV? If so then it is another intelligent way to place the TV. Incorporating a TV into a built-in cabinet can keep the TV hidden when not in use and make it a seamless part of the kitchen design.
  • -Next, you can use a kitchen island. If you have a kitchen island, you can install a TV on the back of it, which can be viewed from different parts of the kitchen.
  • -Finally, an easy option is a rolling cart or TV trolly. A TV on a rolling cart can be moved around easily. Plus. It can be useful if you want to watch TV in different areas of the kitchen. However, the TV trolly design must be decorative to hold the decoration of the kitchen.

Why is TV Placement Important?

By now I’ve cleared up your confusion about where to place your TV. But why is it so important? Now it’s time to clear up another confusion about why you should consider before placing the TV. So, don’t skip this part. Also, there are several TV brands like LG, Samsung, Toshiba, and eco+ to fit your budget range and fulfill your need for a quality Television.

Impact on Viewing Experience

The placement of your TV can greatly affect your viewing experience and the quality of the picture and sound. For example, if you place your TV in a location where there is glare from windows or lights, it can be difficult to see the screen clearly. To ensure the best viewing experience, it's important to place your TV at eye level and in a location where there is minimal glare.

Physical Impact

Next, if you place the TV too high or too low, it can cause strain on your neck and eyes. Proper TV placement can also minimize neck and eye strain caused by prolonged viewing.

Aesthetic Impact

TV placement also has a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of your room. If you place a TV on a stand in the middle of the room, it can be an eyesore, while a wall-mounted TV can blend seamlessly into the room. Besides, the placement of your TV can also affect the functionality of the room.

For example, a television placed in the kitchen may make it difficult to use the counter space, while a TV placed in the bedroom may make it difficult to get a good night's sleep.

Impact on Sound Pressure

Finally, good TV placement can also help in reducing the sound pressure level. So, it’ll improve the audio quality and avoid audio leakage to other rooms.

How The Right Placement of TV Enhances the Total Outlook of the Room

When it comes to interior design, the placement of the TV is a crucial aspect. It can greatly enhance the overall look and feel of a room. This time, here are a few advantages you’ll get if you properly place the TV. 

  • -The right placement of a big TV can make a room appear larger and more spacious.
  • -Again, Proper TV placement can also create a sense of flow and movement within the room.
  • -Strategic placement of TV can create focal points and add visual interest to a room.
  • -Next, good placement of the TV can also improve functionality and make a TV room more comfortable to use.
  • -Good placement of TV positively affects the TV Room Decoration. It can also make a room feel more balanced and harmonious.


Which direction should the TV face?

The TV should generally face the main viewing area or the seating area. Besides, It is also important to consider the placement of the TV in relation to windows, lighting, and other factors that can affect viewing.

Where is the best place to put a TV on the wall?

Look for a place to put a TV on the wall that is at eye level and at a comfortable viewing distance from the seating area. Moreover, place it considering the room's layout, and lighting.

Is TV better on a wall or stand?

Whether a TV is better on a wall or stand depends on the 2 things. First, individual preference, and second the specific room layout. However, if you need to constantly plug in and out then a TV stand is a better option.


I hope you’ve no more confusion on the topic - where to place the TV at home? I’ve tried to cover the placement direction for all types of rooms in your house. I’ve added several options for every room. So, the rest is now up to you. 

My final tip will be to consider the primary viewing location, lighting, and overall aesthetic of the room, and determine the best spot for your TV. So, Good Luck!

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