What Are The Best Washing Machines Features - Read Before You Buy

So, finally, you have decided to purchase a washing machine but when you started to research you got several options. Isn't it make you confused to pick the perfect one for you? 

In this modern era, there are different types of washing machines with different features. So, it’s very normal to get confused. But proper information will help you with the confusion.

Now, are you thinking about the best washing machine features?

The best and basic washing machine features include wash programs, spin speed, loading type, child lock system, durability & design, steam cleaning, and others. However, for the top load and front load washer, the features may differ.

Well, it’s just the start. There is a lot more you should learn about the features and washing machine benefits. The good news is I’ve covered everything about this topic below. So, keep reading and get over your confusion. 

What is a Washing Machine?

Before we get into any feature let's discuss a little extra about a washing machine. Well, a washing machine is a household appliance that is used for cleaning clothes by using water and detergent. It consists of a drum that rotates and agitates the clothes. It has a control panel for selecting different wash cycles, and a water pump for draining the used water.

Modern washing machines come in various sizes and styles, including top-loading and front-loading models.

What is a Top Loader Washing Machine?

A top-loading washing machine is a type of washing machine that loads from the top, as opposed to from the front. In this design, you’ll get the access door on the top of the machine, where the user can add and remove clothes. 

Now if you pay attention to expenses then top-loading washing machines are more convenient for you. They are less expensive than front-loading models. Again, they are also easier to load and unload. However, they may use more water and detergent and can be less efficient at cleaning clothes.

What is a Front Loader Washing Machine?

Now let’s talk about front-loader washing machines. When it’s a front loader washing machine the drum (where clothes are placed) is located at the front and the door to the drum is on the front of the machine. The drum rotates horizontally and the clothes are tumbled and washed by the motion of the drum. 

If you consider efficiency then the front loaders are typically more efficient in terms of water and detergent usage. Besides, compared to the top-loader, they are more gentle on clothes.

What is an Automatic Washing Machine?

This is another type of washing machine that you can’t compare with a top loader and front loader. Because you can get both fully-automatic front loading and fully-automatic top-loading machines. 

An automatic washing machine is used to wash clothes automatically without manual intervention. It includes a drum that rotates to agitate the clothes, a control panel to select wash cycles, and a water-heating system. Aside from that, it also uses various combinations of water, detergent, and mechanical action to remove dirt and stains from clothes. Automatic washing machine features many modern functions and control systems that make daily washing easier.

Now it’s time to discuss the best features of a washing machine. 

Features of Different Types of Washing Machines

This time I’m going to explain the features of a washing machine. You can get the features of both front load, top load, and automatic washing machine here.

Washing Capacity

The first thing to consider is the wash capacity. Whether it’s a top load washer or a front load washer the size of the drum varies from 5-20 kg, with the average being around 7-8 kg.

Loading Type

Another important feature of a washing machine is the loader type. Top loaders generally come with a loading door on the top of the machine and front loaders have the loading door in front. 

The main difference between them is the way the clothes are loaded into the drum and how the drum rotates. Top loaders typically have an agitator in the center of the drum that moves the clothes during the wash cycle, while front loaders have a drum that rotates horizontally, using a drum that tumbles the clothes.

Wash Programs

Whether it’s a top loader or a front loader, the machine must come with several wash programs. And the programs are intended for different types of clothes, such as cotton, synthetic, delicate, etc.

Spin Speed

If you’re not familiar with spin speed then it is the maximum rotational speed at which the drum inside the machine spins during the final spin cycle. It helps to remove excess water from the clothes before they are taken out for drying. 

The spin speed of a front-load/top-load machine can be adjusted and ranges from 400-1400 RPM, with an average of around 800-1000 RPM. If you want a washing machine of higher RPM then you can try the lg 10.5 kg front-loading washing machine. The spin speed of this machine is 1400 RPM.

Water Level Selection

If your washing machine has this feature included then your work is a lot easier. You can adjust the water level based on the number of clothes being washed.

Delay Start Option

If you’re a busy person then this feature will make the machine more convenient for you. This feature allows you to set a timer for the wash cycle to start at a later time.

Child Lock

Now, if you have kids at home then you should get a washing machine having the child lock feature. Some of both top-load and front-load washing machines come with a child lock to prevent accidental changes to the settings. For example, the SAMSUNG 8 KG Front loading washing machine comes with the child lock feature.

Quiet Operation

The experience of using a washing machine can be terrible if your washing machine doesn’t come with the quiet operation feature. Most quality washing machines come with this feature which ensures less vibration and less noise. You can understand it by noticing the noise level. Just check the dB rating. If it’s below 80 (approximate) then it means it is equipped with a quiet operation system. 

HAIER 10 KG FRONT LOAD full auto washing machine comes with this feature having a noise level of 50/70 KG.

Energy Efficiency

When it’s energy efficiency then you can differentiate between the front loader and top loader machines. Front-load washing machines are known to be more energy efficient than top-load machines. It’s because they use less water and detergent.

When there’s talking about energy efficiency then the talking about the motor should appear obviously. 

The motor is the driving force behind the operation of a washing machine. It rotates the drum and agitates the clothes, generating the required friction to remove dirt and stains. Now, if54an modern washing machines, the motor is typically a brushless DC motor, which is more energy-efficient and reliable compared to older AC motor designs. 

A high-efficiency motor or direct motion motor controls the speed and direction of the drum, allowing for different wash cycles and programs to be executed.

Steam Cleaning

This is another interesting feature you can find both in the front load and top load washing machines. 

Washing machines having this feature uses steam to sanitize and refresh clothes. The steam helps to remove wrinkles and odors, and can also help to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. The feature is typically used in addition to a regular wash cycle and can be a useful option for people who want to keep their clothes looking and smelling fresh without having to wash them frequently.

Load Balancing

Most high-quality front-load and top-load washing machines come with load-balancing technology. This feature ensures an even distribution of clothes during washing and prevents the machine from getting damaged.

These are the most common features of washing machines. Well, aside from these there are some other features such as dry cleaning, anti-bacterial technology, near zero pressure feature, etc.

Top Load vs Front Load Washers

Now the debate starts when there comes a talking between the top load and front load washers.

Honestly, there is no clear winner as both top-load and front-load washing machines have their own advantages and drawbacks. It ultimately depends on personal preference and specific needs.

If you just notice the advantages of the 2 types of washers then you’ll be clear of it. Let’s get it.

Advantages of Top Load Washers

  • The top load washers are generally more convenient to use because you don’t have to bend down to load and unload clothes.
  • Now considering the capacity often top load washers have a larger capacity and can be more affordable compared to front load washers.

Advantages of Front Load Washers

  • Now considering the energy capacity efficiency the winner is front load washers. They are more energy efficient and use less water compared to top-load washers.
  • Again the front load washers tend to be more gentle on clothes, as clothes tumbling in front load washers move horizontally. Moreover, it reduces wear and tear.
  • Finally, the front load washers have a faster spin speed, which means clothes come out drier and require less time in the dryer.

In the end, I would say the front load washers may be the better choice for those who prioritize energy efficiency and gentle treatment of clothes. On the other hand, the top load washers may be the better option for those who prioritize convenience and larger capacity.

What are The Best Washing Machine Brands?

Now another thing you must have to agree with is that brand always matters. No matter how many different features your washing machine has, a brandy one always provides a better service. Now your question is what is the best washing machine brand?

There is no one "best" washing machine brand as it largely depends on personal preferences, budget, and specific needs. However, if you ask, pay attention to services and quality. I must say 3 brands will surely be great for you. They are - 

Still, a washing machine buying guide helps a lot to choose the perfect one.

LG vs Samsung VS Haier: A Comparison of Washing Machines

In the above segment, I’ve already mentioned the 3 best brands for purchasing a washing machine. I know you’re now waiting to see a comparison between them. Well, here we compare the above three brands to help you make an informed decision.


First talk about LG and Samsung. The LG and Samsung washing machines have sleek designs, with a range of colors to choose from to match your home décor. 

Now, the Haier washing machines are less stylish, but they are more budget-friendly.


Now there is no specific winner between the three brands when you consider the capacity. All of the brands come with different wash capacities.

Energy Efficiency

All three brands; LG, Samsung, and Haier produce washing machines with an energy efficiency rating of A+++. This means that they are designed to consume less energy and save on your electricity bill. However, go for a front-load washer if you want a more energy-efficient washing machine.


All three brands offer a warranty of 1 year for their washing machines. This provides peace of mind for the consumer in case of any technical issues. (For only the motor the warranty is higher; around 10 years) 


The washing machine price in Bangladesh mainly depends on capacity and other advanced features. First, let’s learn about the Samsung washing machine price in Bangladesh and  LG washing machine prices in Bangladesh.

The LG and Samsung washing machines have a mid-high price range. And they are suitable for those who are looking for premium quality. 

Now, if you’re in a budget crunch then the Haier Washing Machine Price in Bangladesh will make you happier. They have a low-mid price range that makes them more accessible for budget-conscious consumers.

Finally, if you’re on a lower budget then I would suggest you check the eco+ Washing Machine Prices in Bangladesh.


What is important when buying a washing machine?

When you’re buying a washing machine, consider features such as capacity, type, warranty, noise level, brand, etc. Aside from that, make sure to purchase one within your budget.

What are the latest features of washing machines?

The latest features of washing machines include smart rinse, memory wash, air dry function, reload function, and others.

Final Words

We’re almost at the end of the article and by now I hope you’re clear about the best washing machines features. Aside from that, I’ve also compared the topic among the best 3 washing machine brands in Bangladesh. So, now it’s for you to purchase. I wish you all the best in finding your dream washing machine in the House of Butterfly.

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