Grill Microwave Oven- Delicious Food at Home!

Grill Microwave Oven- Delicious Food at Home!Grill Microwave Oven- Delicious Food at Home!

Microwave ovens have greatly impacted our lives and made them easier. Even a decade ago, microwave ovens were not a common thing and now we can’t even imagine a kitchen without them!

There are different microwave ovens that focus on different cooking methods. A solo microwave oven is the best for basic cooking; i.e. reheating or defrosting. Meanwhile, a convection oven can be considered a jack of all trades. 

But these microwave ovens can fall short if your needs are specific. For example, while a convection oven can often bake, it cannot grill. That is when you need a grill microwave oven. They are specially made for grilling and can be used to cook faster. 

Like any other type of oven, grill microwave ovens have some limitations. That’s why we’ve compared them with regular convection ovens and talked about the pros and cons. 

It can be a little tricky to choose a grill microwave oven. House of Butterfly solves that instantly by offering grill microwave ovens at the best price in Bangladesh!

What is a Grill Microwave Oven?

A grill microwave oven’s purpose is to be an alternative to outdoor grills. Having an outdoor grill can be helpful in many scenarios. But it’s not budget-friendly for many people. 

After all, regular ovens are quite expensive; just like outdoor grills. So affording both of them isn’t always possible. On top of that, you need more space to fit the regular oven and the outdoor grill. A grill microwave oven solves both of these problems instantly. 

A grill microwave oven is a combination of a regular microwave oven and an outdoor grill. This completely removes the necessity of getting an outdoor grill. A grill microwave oven is cheaper, energy-efficient, and space-friendly.

So if you’re looking for a microwave oven, the grill microwave oven is an excellent choice. You can reheat, defrost, and cook food; all the while having the option to grill as well.

How Does a Grill Microwave Oven Function?

A grill microwave functions just like a regular oven but adds a grill rack in the process. It uses the usual microwave technology that is found in solo microwave ovens. 

The microwaves interact with the water particles inside the food and make them vibrate to generate heat. The heat affects the outer parts of the food first and then the inside gets warmed up. 

A grill microwave oven does the same thing but faster. The microwave is usually radiated from the top. Thanks to the grill racks, you can place food closer to the top. So, a grill oven cooks food by using direct heat at a high temperature. 

This significantly shortens cooking time and helps you achieve crispiness and let you brown your food. The grill rack also adds char marks which is great for a BBQ experience.

Can Grill Oven be Used in Baking?

The answer is both yes and no. It usually depends on the model type of your oven. Solo microwave ovens that can’t bake or grill are the cheapest options available. Most grill ovens don’t have the baking feature and thus can’t be used in baking. 

Convection microwave ovens are generally used for baking as it comes with baking features. A lot of convection microwave ovens are incapable of grilling because of less heat generation. But convection ovens with grilling features do exist for a higher price. 

It’s because baking requires low heat and grilling requires high heat. Since the range is quite high, a lot of ovens fail to achieve that range. Thus they either offer baking features or grilling features. 

The heat source is another factor in baking. Cakes require low heat from both the top and below. But many grill microwave ovens provide direct heat from the top which is not ideal for baking cakes. 

That’s why most standard grill microwaves oven can’t be used in baking due to having no option for temperature control. But high-end grill microwave ovens may offer baking features for an extra cost. 

If baking is as important as grilling to you, buying a grill oven with the baking feature is the best idea. Alternatively, you can consider convection ovens with grilling features as well. 

What is the Difference between Grilling & Baking?

What Is the Difference Between Grilling & Baking?What Is the Difference Between Grilling & Baking?

If you’re still confused about baking and grilling that’s alright. Because we’ve elaborated on both of the techniques and discussed the differences in brief.
Here are some common differences between baking and grilling. This will further explain the incompatibility of having both features present in standard ovens. 


Baking is a low-heat cooking method that benefits from dry heat. Dry heat is achieved in an oven and the heat source is usually below the food. 

On the contrary, grilling is a high-heat cooking method with a direct heat source. The heat source is usually at the top of the food. That’s why a grill rack is used to put the food closer to the heat source.

Cooking Time

Because of low heat, baking requires a lot of time depending on the food you’re trying to make. This can take from 30 minutes to several hours. Timing is very important in baking.

Grilling takes the shortest time to cook a particular food. Simply put the food, select the grilling method and you’re done within several minutes!


Grilled foods are usually served instantly while they’re still hot. You can also reheat them on the grill if they go cold. However, the food texture may change while you reheat them so you’ll need to be careful about that.

As opposed to grilled foods, baked foods don’t have to be served instantly. They can be served after a couple of days. You can also defrost and reheat them to get the original texture back. 

Food Type

Baked foods usually comprise cakes, pies, bread, and pudding. Needless to say, all baked foods have a very tender and soft texture. This is easily achievable in a baking oven.

Meanwhile, grilled foods consist of vegetables and meat; especially meat. Chicken, beef, and mutton are barbequed in a grill oven. Their textures are crispy and bear char marks thanks to the grill rack.

Is Grill Oven Better Than Convection Oven?

This is a fairly common question wondered by many house owners when buying an oven. Grill ovens aren’t better than convection ovens because they’re not exactly the same ovens. 

But convection microwave ovens usually have more features than grill microwave ovens. Because of that reason, they’re usually more expensive and harder to afford. 

Here, are some differences that we’ve listed for you-


Grill Microwave Oven

Convection Microwave Oven

Price Range



Heating Method

Thermal Radiation


Cooking Time



Even Cooking






Energy Efficiency



Temperature Drop (When Opened) 



Grill Mode


Depends on model




As you can see, some convection microwave ovens come with grill features. But grill microwave ovens don’t usually come with baking features. Convection microwave ovens are considered an all-in-one ovens.

Convection ovens are also more energy-efficient and can cook your food evenly. But on the contrary, grill ovens cook food faster and it’s easier to clean. 

Ultimately, it depends on your overall budget. If it’s not much, grill microwave ovens are perfect for you. However, if you have extra money, you can go for a convection oven with grill modes. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Grill Microwave Ovens

Like other household appliances, grill microwave ovens have their own pros and cons. Fortunately, the downsides of grill Advantages & Disadvantages of Grill Microwave Ovens

Like other household appliances, grill microwave ovens have their own pros and cons. Fortunately, the downsides of grill microwave ovens aren’t that noticeable.


The biggest advantage of owning a grill microwave oven is the cleaning process. You don’t have to clean the grill extensively. Wiping the grill rack is more than enough. 

Other than that, you also enjoy a shorter cooking time due to the grill oven’s direct heat system. All types of BBQ cooking are possible in a grill microwave oven. 


The weight can be considered negative in a grill microwave oven. Since there are additional grill racks, a grill microwave oven is often heavier. 

The inside space can be a problem when cooking for multiple people. Other than that, grill ovens consume high energy.  Finally, grill microwave ovens can’t bake or roast food.

Which Grill Oven Is the Best?

There’s no correct answer to this question. Because ovens with more features and space are usually more expensive. However, we can recommend some great budget-friendly grill microwave ovens.

Model 1: LG NeoChef 25 Liter Grill Microwave Oven 

LG NeoChef 25L grill microwave oven is one of the most energy-efficient microwaves available in the market. This is a perfect oven for any family.

LG NeoChef 25 Liter Grill Microwave Oven LG NeoChef 25 Liter Grill Microwave Oven

Here is some technical information that you might be interested at-


LG NeoChef 25L Grill Microwave Oven

Dimensions (WxDxH)

476 mm x 388 mm x 272 mm


11.3 Kg


25 Liter

Control Type

Glass Touch & Dial 

Door Design

Side Swing

Microwave Output

1000 Watts

Microwave Power

1150 Watts

Grill Power

850 Watts

Microwave+Grill Power

1350 Watts

Electricity Power

220V / 50 Hz

Heater Type


Eco Mode






Antibacterial Coating


Quick Start


Parts Warranty

1 year


It wouldn’t be an LG microwave if it didn’t come with some unique features. So let’s take a brief look at that. 

Smart Inverter Technology

This feature is found in almost all LG products including LG grill microwave ovens. Smart inverter technology lets your LG microwave be energy-efficient. 


This is one of the biggest positives that you can ask for since grill microwave ovens aren’t enough energy-efficient. But LG aims to solve that using this technology.

Even Heating & Defrosting

LG grill microwave ovens come with user-friendly temperature controls. Thanks to this feature, you can now control the temperature to achieve even heating or defrosting. 

I-Wave Technology

Having the i-wave feature allows you to enjoy food free from air dust and harmful viruses. I-wave technology purifies the air to make sure the food is nicely cooked. 

It also deals with odor and static electricity. 

Tasty Grilling 

LG’s tasty grilling feature helps food to achieve crispiness evenly. In a conventional oven, achieving even grilling can be a tough task. 

But thanks to this mode, you can achieve crispier food without any worries.

Stable Turntable

LG’s stable turntable feature indicates 6 support points compared to the usual 3 support points. Thanks to the hexagonal ring, your food won’t be tipped even if it’s placed off-center!

Model 2: Samsung 23 Liter Grill Microwave Oven

If the LG option isn’t favorable to you, you can go for a Samsung grill oven instead. Samsung’s 23L grill microwave oven comes with a ceramic cavity which is quite unique to Samsung’s microwave ovens.

Samsung 23 Liter Grill Microwave OvenSamsung 23 Liter Grill Microwave Oven

Here are some of the technical details- 


Samsung 23L Grill Microwave Oven

Dimensions (WxDxH)

489 mm x 275 mm x 392 mm


13 Kg


23 Liters

Control Type

Tact + Dial 

Door Design


Microwave Output

800 Watts

Microwave Power

2300 Watts

Grill Power

1100 Watts

Microwave+Grill Power

1250 Watts

Electricity Power

230V / 50Hz

Eco Mode


Child Lock


Microwave Power Levels


Parts Warranty

1 Year

Like LG grill microwave ovens, Samsung also provides a unique feature to attract customers. We’ve discussed them in brief. 

Ceramic Enamel Cavity

Unlike other grill microwave ovens, Samsung grill microwave ovens come with a feature called ceramic enamel cavity. It means that the inside is made of ceramic which helps with cleaning.  

Grill microwave ovens don’t necessarily require that much cleaning. A ceramic enamel cavity makes the cleaning process even easier. Oil and grease come off very easily if it’s a ceramic surface. 

But ceramic is heat-resistant in nature and that’s why it requires more power to achieve a target heat. 

Heat Wave Grill

Grill microwave ovens often deal with uneven cooking. But Samsung aims to solve it by providing the heat wave grill feature. This allows your food to get perfectly grilled every time. 

The heat wave grill utilizes a triangulated method. It uses a grill, heat reflector, and hot air circulated by a fan to cook evenly and quickly. The heat wave grill’s auto mode simplifies everything for you. 

Browning Plus

The Browning Plus is a function that helps add a nice texture and color to your food. When you activate the Browning Plus mode, it adds 30 seconds to brown and crisp the food. 


Question: Can we make pizza in the grill microwave?

Answer: Yes, grill microwave ovens are perfect for making pizzas. Using a grill microwave you can cook pizzas faster than a convection oven. On top of that, you can also brown and make the edges crispier. 

Question: Can we use glass in the microwave grill?
Answer: No you can’t use glass in a microwave grill. Any utensils made of glass, silicon, or microwave-safe plastic must not be used in the microwave grill. However, you can use metallic utensils in the grill mode.

Final Words

Grill microwave ovens offer grilling options on top of regular reheating and defrosting capabilities. It’s a perfect oven to buy if you’re under budget and they’re very user-friendly.

House of Butterfly offers plenty of options at the best price in Bangladesh! You can also use their customer service to know more!

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